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Bill Gates' 'Big Bang Theory' Appearance Was Based On A True Story

>Throughout its 12 seasons and many episodes, we've seen a few iconic guest star appearances. It is obvious that the cameos were pretty darn great,..

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Throughout its 12 seasons and many episodes, we've seen a few iconic guest star appearances. It is obvious that the cameos were pretty darn great, given that the cast can't agree on which was the best, and in fact, alongside USA Today, they each said a different name. Simon Helberg says the show changed completely when Stephen Hawkin appeared, "That's a moment where I was looking at him and I just couldn't process that he was here. It’s those moments that do tend to be larger than life." As for Melissa Rauch, she always had a soft spot for Bob Newhart, "I’ve been such a big stand-up comedy fan my whole life," she says. "I had a Bob Newhart record album as a kid that was my father's (and) I did stand-up before I came to ('Big Bang'). I had a wonderful conversation with him about stand-up and the live audience aspect and our love for it. I will cherish that conversation always."

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We can go on and on for days, including the likes of Mark Hamill, Kal Penn, and so many others. However, what makes the Bill Gates cameo so special is the fact that it was actually based on a real experience of the show's writer.

Oddly enough, Donny Osmond was the man that inspired the Bill Gates skit on 'The Big Bang Theory'. Tara Hernandez, a writer on the show basically shared her real-life experience when meeting Donny Osmond, one that was filled with tears and a lot of sobbing.

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She recalls putting together the scene, "So, you guys saw in the clip package when Leonard sees Bill Gates he just bursts into tears on him. So that had come from an experience I had a couple--let's say a lot--of years ago. I was in an airport and I see Donnie Osmond. I get this moment of confidence, where I'm like, 'I'm just gonna talk to him.' I'm gonna play it cool [like] I'm a big fan. So I walk over there and I get out, 'Mr. Osmond?' [Starts sobbing] Just like grown woman tears. Just sobbed all over him. And he just was the nicest. He was so sweet about it."

Credit to Bill Gates for the scene and the appearance, which seems to be few and far between in his lifetime. Bill was very content with his role on the show, he took to Twitter posting a picture alongside the cast.

Without a doubt, fans wish he would've appeared on another episode, though the show would last an extra season following his appearance. Of all the best guest appearances this one ranks up there and given the context and inspiration, it is just that much better.

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