Thursday, 5 Aug, 2021

Britney Spears Branding

How would you like to become a marketing genius? A marketer is anyone who sells anything, so if that's the case then YOU are already one. You should s


How would you like to become a marketing genius? A marketer is anyone who sells anything, so if that's the case then YOU are already one. You should study successful marketers and follow in their footsteps because they're your direct competition. For example, how many times has Britney Spears sold out of her products per day or hour? Believe it or not she averages about $3 million dollars every year!


We've all heard of branding, but do you do it? Have you branded yourself? If you have, are you expanding your marketing opportunities with your brand?

Once you've created a name, built successful marketing campaigns and gotten people to know and like who you and your company are don't stop there.

The real money is in building multiple streams of income. Once your brand begins to build you can diversify to create your own franchise. Think Star Wars, Harry Potter, the books for "Dummies." You don't have to be a celebrity or an acclaimed author to cash in, but we can definitely learn from them.


Here are some examples:

Britney Spears makes money on CD's, concert sales, posters, books, movie appearances, TV appearances, videos, Pepsi commercials and other endorsements.

Paul Newman makes money on movies, and makes money for charity on salad dressing, pasta sauce, popcorn, salsa, lemonade, steak sauce, cook books, T-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts.


Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield (The "Chicken Soup For The (fill in a lucrative target market here) Soul" authors make money on a series of books and tapes so large and profitable that they have their own book rack at Barnes and Noble stores everywhere. There are over 35 titles and 53 million copies in print in over 32 languages. What if they would have stopped with the first title and not bothered to expand the money making potential of their brand?


Talk about branding! ...and they get other people to send them stories for free so they don't even write the books. Beyond this, they make money from other books and tapes, public speaking, joint ventures, and seminars.

Robert Kiyosaki (author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad) makes money from books, tapes, board games, public speaking, seminars, an affiliate program, game events, teleconferences and real estate.


You may be famous for one thing, but that doesn't mean you can't turn your fame into something else. Take Chicken Soup authors Mark and Jack who have leveraged their brand to make a fortune with products unrelated to the original series of books they wrote. Paul Newman is another actor whose turned his success as an entertainer in Hollywood on its head by using it as leverage selling food and sauces he has nothing do do with movies or television work- those are just side ventures!


So don't limit yourself. As your success builds over time continue to write down new and bigger goals. Imagine what you would do and what products you would create if you were already famous in your field. What would you sell? How would you market? How would you expand your empire?


You are your company's ambassador. Before you had a business, everyone that came into contact with you already knew who they thought of when they heard "you". Now it's time to make the most out of this opportunity and use what people see in order to portray an image for yourself or even better: help them find themselves through someone else.


Hey, we can't all be Britney, but we're missing the boat if we don't learn from watching her cash in