Thursday, 5 Aug, 2021

Who Cares About The Celebrities Gone Wild?

In a world where celebrities and reality TV stars are constantly in the spotlight, it’s easy to forget they have feelings too. With scandals like Pari


In a world where celebrities and reality TV stars are constantly in the spotlight, it’s easy to forget they have feelings too. With scandals like Paris Hilton getting caught on tape stealing an expensive bra from Van Cleef & Arpels; Dennis Rodman going head-to-head with his father as he tries to prove who is more dysfunctional than whom; or Henry Winkler's DUI arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol (though not drunk) at 2:30 am after partying all night long — you can't help but wonder if these people care about anything other than themselves. This type of behavior has been labeled either "celebrity entitlement" or “White trash chic." These types seem much less likely be worried


Celebrities are often seen as the most famous people in the world, but this is not always their choice to make. The public has ultimate control over them and can end a celebrity's career with just one tweet or slogan on t-shirts that they dislike.


Despite pleas from some tearful celebrities, it remains true: It is actually up to the people who made ordinary actors/singers/politicians into celebs in the first place whether these individuals maintain fame and fortune; so long as they're still favored by viewers of TV shows such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians!, for example. But if a celebrity loses favor and begins to fade away, they simply cease to exist for much of the world. In some cases they might retain some of the fortune, but the fame is certainly gone.


An audience creates a celebrity. Many individuals have starred in movies or performed at concerts without gaining celebrity status. It is only when the world begins to sit up and take notice of an individual that true star status is obtained. This is how stars are born overnight. If people care about the comings and goings of an individual and the media picks up on this interest, news and tabloid coverage will increase. This creates a celebrity. If nobody cares about a singer’s shopping trips or political message, it is a safe bet that individual will not be stalked by paparazzi and won’t be gracing the covers of magazines. Simply, celebrities are selected.


Certain websites have constructed an algorithm to demonstrate the popularity of celebrities. This algorithm and the celebrity’s popularity equate to a market price, much like a stock price. Members of the site are able to buy and sell celebrities for their personal portfolios and if the celebrity increases in value – both popularity and price, the portfolio value increases. If a celebrity begins to lose value, he is undesirable and dumped.


There can be no clearer message about not only the value of celebrities, but also the ownership of celebrities. Just as celebrities in a portfolio can create a return for investors, those same investors take the time to research the celebrities in forums, news articles, and blogs. This research and drive for information increases the celebrity’s popularity and price. When a celebrity fails to generate news, or generates too much bad publicity, the public will simply lose interest, the celebrity loses value, and stardom begins to fade.


Celebrity obsession is certainly nothing new. If anything you would have figured we as a society would have become more accustomed to and quite bored with celebrities by now.. Turn on your television and you will be bombarded with celebrities selling you everything Celebrities are the new faces of royalty. In a sense, not only do we need to see them and know about their every move but corporations also rely on these celebrities for endorsement deals as they can be trusted more than ourselves.


We all seem to live in an age where it is essential that our favorite celebrity's every action or movement get into the spotlight because if you don't keep up with what your idol does then how will you sound knowledgeable when talking about him/her? Large companies have come along side this trend by creating lucrative endorsement contracts which give us even less reason to trust ourselves over others' opinions; after all, why would I care so much about my own opinion anymore now that there is someone who has done everything before me .Can you believe the irony of all of this? We as a society support these celebrities to such and extent that they are now millionaires yet we now put them in a position to make even more money by us purchasing the products they promote.


Do we all really want to be celebrities? Well, the answer is yes and no. The fact of the matter is not many of us are talented enough to excel in sports or the entertainment world and a lot of us would not care to be bothered with the burdens that come with the lives of celebrities. However, each and every one of us, whether it is at work or in our homes, do contribute and would love to feel appreciated for what it is we do on a daily basis