Horror Satire ‘The Pizzagate Massacre’ Looks at “The Most Bizarre Crime That Never Happened” [Poster]

by Susan Ryant

Like Vampira, Svengoolie, Elvira and Joe Bob Briggs before him, Stan the Mechanic will be hosting three classic horror movies on the road to Halloween this year, we’ve learned.

The fun begins with Scream Bloody Murder on October 7th, followed by Devil Times Five on October 14th, and then finally The Bat on October 21st.

Parrlime Productions, the LGBTQ+ production company known for creating diverse film and television content, has partnered with Stan for the spooky triple feature.

Created and played by actor, writer and comedian John A. Hernandez, “Stan The Mechanic” is the one and only Satanic Mechanic, and has been chosen by the Devil to perpetuate all sorts of mischief and mayhem against humankind by using automobiles. During his downtime he likes to relax and crack jokes with his friends while watching horror movies. As a gay male, Stan enjoys showcasing queer Horror, but nothing is off-limits for this naughty little demon. “Stan The Mechanic” has appeared on Here TV, Vimeo, and YouTube.

Hernandez is a proud New Yorker of Puerto Rican and Italian heritage. As an out and proud gay man, he identifies as a bear and is truly honored to help give visibility to the LGBTQ+ community and people of size in the horror genre.

“With an ever growing and engaged audience, we decided to host these movies on our home page (www.stanthemechanic.com) so everyone can enjoy them for free at any time they want once they are live. “We’ll leave them up all year round too because for horror fans like myself every day is Halloween. We celebrate the genre all year long, not just in October,” said Hernandez.

“Stan The Mechanic was first seen last year with four episodes on HereTV, this year we wanted to tackle some big movies that happen to be in the public domain, and what better than to have movies starring the likes of Vincent Price, Agnes Morehead, Leif Garrett and Shelly Morrison to create the episodes around,” said Executive Producer, Richard Jones.

Photo Credit: Catalin Stelian

Photo Credit: Catalin Stelian

Photo Credit: Catalin Stelian