Iconic slashers form a band called Mostly Cruel to sing about Kills Kills Kills

by Natalie Kiser

Horror and boy band pop aren’t two genres known for mixing with each other, which makes it all the funnier when the folks who run the The Merkins YouTube channel have released videos in which iconic slashers Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Ghostface, and Michael Myers get together as a boy band called Slashstreet Boys to perform parodies of Backstreet Boys songs. We’ve shared all of the Slashstreet Boys songs over the years – there was “Slashing Bodies“, “I’ll Kill You That Way“, “As Long As You’re Bloody“, “Die By My Knife”, and “Keep Slayin’ Teens in the Dark”. But the Slashstreet Boys videos aren’t the only musical parody videos The Merkins gather iconic slashers together for… as you can see from the video embedded above.

Horror and rock get mixed together quite often, so it makes a lot of sense that The Merkins would envision Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Ghostface, and Michael Myers forming a band called Möstly Crüel (inspired, of course, by Mötley Crüe) to perform a song called “Kills Kills Kills” – a parody of Mötley Crüe’s hit 1987 single “Girls Girls Girls”. To hear how The Merkins took “Girls Girls Girls” and twisted it into something called “Kills Kills Kills” that could be performed by a group of rocking slashers, check out the video.

“Kills Kills Kills” is pretty cool… and if you like this song parody, you should scroll through The Merkins’ YouTube channel to see what else they have put our favorite slashers up to over the years.

Are you a fan of The Merkins? If so, which is your favorite of their slasher parody songs? Let us know by leaving a comment below! And let us know what you thought of “Kills Kills Kills” in particular. Do you want to see more of Möstly Crüel?