Lamorne Morris: This show is about the question ‘do white people wash their legs?’

by Susan Ryant

I know Lamorne Morris, 38, from The New Girl, where he starred as Winston for seven seasons. I wasn’t familiar with him beyond that, but I watched his interview on Kimmel and came away completely charmed and convinced to watch his Hulu show, Woke. Woke is now in its second season. Lamorne stars as cartoonist Keef Knight, who gradually gets “woke” after a run-in with police. So far I’ve only watched the first episode and wonder why I’m only hearing about it now. It’s hilarious, smart and heartwarming with so many funny characters. Lamorne is captivating as the lead and I know I’m going to binge this. I’m going to transcribe some of what he said on Kimmel, but I highly recommend you watch that interview. He does great impressions of Idris Elba and Denzel Washington.

How he explains his show I just want to appeal to the people out there at home. I know we hear the title ‘woke’ and we get confused, ‘is it about race, is this show about inequality and all that kind of stuff?’ Yeah, do I talk to pens and markers and cartoons? Yes. Is my character crazy? Yes. But at its core this show truly is all about asking the question ‘Do white people wash their legs.’ There’s a lot that divides us as people. That’s a great divide in this country and everyone’s been talking about it.

“Do black people wash their legs and white people don’t wash their legs?” You’re damn right we wash our legs. That I don’t know yet. I haven’t showered with a white person.

“I don’t wash my legs every time. My doctor told me ‘don’t wash your legs so much, the skin gets dry.'” That could be true. Black people sometimes we get ashy. We’ve go to put cocoa butter on our legs.

“I do cocoa butter also. DJ Khaled gave me a whole jar of cocoa butter.”

[From Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube]

As for whether white people wash their legs, I have to admit that I didn’t really pay much attention to my legs until it became a thing a few years ago, when Taylor Swift admitted she only shaved her legs and didn’t wash them. I still showered! I just wasn’t washing all my limbs carefully like that. I really started washing my legs every time after that. Then, when so many white celebrities came out as anti-bathers I doubled down on bathing and showering. I’m showering twice a day now and I wash and exfoliate. Yes my skin gets drier than it used to but like Kimmel I also use cocoa butter now.

Also, watch Woke! If you have one of those “color doesn’t matter/I don’t see color” white friends, tell them that this show is a can’t miss comedy and maybe they will learn something. I scream laughed a bunch of times and I’ve seen the pilot twice so far.