Matthew McConaughey: The TX abortion law was ‘juvenile in its implementation’

by Susan Ryant


Matthew McConaughey lives in Texas, and over the years, I think the Lone Star state has just done a number on him. His brain broke around the 2016 election, and he’s been saying vague MAGA-adjacent sh-t for several years now. He’s one of those white dudes who is suddenly super-worried about cancel culture, and how liberals are patronizing to moronic anti-maskers and racist Death Culters. At some point, McConaughey decided that he needed to publicly flirt with the idea that he could and should run for governor of Texas. His bongo drum told him it would be a good idea. No one even knows whether MM is a Democrat or Republican! And in a new interview, he’s not clarifying anything.

Whether he’ll run for TX gov: Matthew McConaughey is apparently not interested in running for Texas governor unless he thinks the role would allow him to truly make a difference. He explained what he meant by “measuring” a possible run for governor next year, saying he is still learning about politics from mentors — who he refrained from naming — and is considering how useful he would be in the position.

He would want to make real change: “Is that a place to make real change or is it a place where right now it’s a fixed game, you go in there, you just put on a bunch of band-aids, in fours year you walk out and they rip them off and you’re gone? I’m not interested in that.”

The poet-statesman: The self-proclaimed “folk-singing philosopher, poet-statesman” went on to call politics a “broken business” when it comes to political ideologies and said he fears a civil war if politicians remain on a path of “preservation of party” while not truly considering their constituents. With regards to fixing this issue, McConaughey said, “One side I’m arguing is ‘McConaughey exactly, that’s why you need to go get in there. The other side is ‘that’s a bag of rats man. Don’t touch that with a ten foot pole. You have another lane. You have another category to have influence and get done things you’d like to get done and help how you think you can help and even heal divides.’”

He can’t even pick a political party: Swisher also asked McConaughey about his party affiliation, pointing to former presidential and New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang calling for a new third party. “People want a third party and we’ve got one and it doesn’t have a name right now and it is the majority. I’m hesitant to throw labels… but there is a sleeping giant right now. I think it’s necessary to be aggressively centric to possibly salvage democracy in America right now.”

What he says about abortion: While not directly taking sides, McConaughey hinted at where he stands on some issues, saying he is for mask mandates and does not agree with Texas’ newly enforced abortion ban, calling it “juvenile in its implementation.”

[From Chron]

What a moron. The problem with the Texas abortion-ban is NOT its implementation. It’s not “well, the law has some strengths but the way they implemented it is no bueno.” And let me tell MM something: if he’s going to hedge and talk out of both sides of his mouth about reproductive choice, he’s going to lose both sides. That’s something Texas voters feel strongly about on either side. You can’t play footsie with the anti-choice maniacs and then go to pro-choice people and say “but I said they implemented it the wrong way.” You either agree that women have a fundamental right to make their own reproductive choices or you don’t. It’s that simple. Stop with the “centrist” happy horses-t. It just reminds people that MM has no skin in the game, that none of these political realities actually affect him.

Also: I’m howling at “folk-singing philosopher, poet-statesman.” This bitch gets high and watches football. Spare me.

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