May 22-28 Horoscope: Don’t Ignore Gut Feelings

by Natalie Kiser

From gut feelings to small, internal voices, our bodies will always find a way to communicate with our conscious minds. As the Moon turns dark this week, these signals grow even louder and more urgent. 

The stars aren’t magicians; they’re ushers. They lead you to internal reflection and action, but they can’t produce it. The stars’ forecast is always neutral until our choices on Earth push it towards positive or negative. 

What are the stars pointing out to you this week?

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces


March 20 – April 19

aries zodiac symbol

If you spend all your time looking for trouble, eventually, you’ll find it. And while pushing the envelope might have its fair share of rewards, it has the same number of downsides. One of the most glaring cons is self-destruction disguised as progress. 

You might think you’re cleaning house or climbing the corporate ladder by stirring the pot. But if you feel worse than you did before, then is it really that good for you? Your intuition is begging you to listen to what it needs. Will you?


April 19 – May 20

taurus zodiac symbol

When you feel stuck, you often act like a bull in a china shop (excuse the pun). Your strategy swings from methodical to manic, firm to flaky. Reliability is incredibly valuable to you—removing routine is your way of denying yourself your needs. 

Indeed, you’ve always been an “all or nothing” personality. Usually, you can snap yourself out of either phase in due time. But that only works if you remain vigilant. This negative mindset could stick around for good if you’re not careful.


May 20 – June 21

gemini zodiac symbol

If you find yourself encountering the same problems, it’s worth asking yourself, am I trying to use the same solutions? Am I taking the same path? It’s easy to tell when the end result is the same. But it’s more important to know if the journey is, too.

Our egos have a funny way of acting and then erasing. First, it controls our actions and intent. Then, it convinces us that it never happened. A situation this week will highlight the ways in which your ego has recently been doing just that.


June 21 – July 22

cancer zodiac symbol

Living with cognitive dissonance is never easy. Our predetermined destinies don’t always align with our current realities. Consequently, we feel unhappy or stuck between two worlds: that which should be and that which is.

Part of what makes this so difficult is knowing how to better calibrate the two. The differences are apparent; how to equate them is far more difficult. There’s nothing wrong with taking time to figure it out—don’t let your guilty conscience convince you otherwise.


July 22 – August 22

leo zodiac symbol

Smooth sailing is nice, but be wary of resting on your haunches too long. You fall into comfortable routines easily. However, you struggle to know when downtime is over. Or, even worse, you start to take it for granted. 

Like the stars themselves, our lives are cycles of good and bad. Sometimes we’re basking in the Sun’s glow; other times, we’re traversing cold pockets of space. Don’t just enjoy the good times—learn from them. How can they help you when things take a worse turn?


August 22 – September 22

virgo zodiac symbol

Few people can lie to you better than yourself. You feel like you can out-logic your way out of any situation, whether emotional or pragmatic. But this week, you’ll find that not every problem can be solved by dry realism. This week, it’ll take some introspection. 

Objective self-analysis can seem scary, but it’s actually the most forgiving. It considers your past hurts and triumphs, giving you grace and tough love where necessary. If you can muster the courage to do this, you’ll find the happiness you seek.


September 22 – October 23

libra zodiac symbol

Your need for balance is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you are fair and empathetic. On the other hand, you struggle to make definitive choices. In a way, committing to any one thing can seem too harsh and finite for you. 

You second guess yourself until you’ve created a self-fulfilling prophecy, and then the cycle continues. But remember: you’re not finding balance, hopping from one scale to another. You are what makes the balance—the fulcrum from which both scales hang.


October 23 – November 22

scorpio zodiac symbol

Normally, you avoid vulnerability with ease. But during a Mercury retrograde, that becomes far more difficult. Conflict lowers your defenses, making you feel exposed. It activates your emotional side, regardless of whether you resolve it or let it fester. 

So, which will you choose? The uncomfortable feelings will be there either way. You can lean into the negative, or you can try to glean something good out of it. The former might seem more familiar, but the stars suggest you follow the latter path.


November 22 – December 21

sagittarius zodiac symbol

The weight on your shoulders didn’t get there overnight. It piled on incrementally, day after day, month after month, unnoticed by you. With each wave of guilt, shame, anger, or resentment, another little pebble dropped onto the load. 

To avoid an emotional landslide, it’s best to remove the weight the same way it was put on: slowly. Don’t rush yourself through the healing process, but don’t stall it either. Not only is it easier in the long run, but it’s also more effective.


December 21 – January 20

capricorn zodiac symbol

Despite your external surefootedness, you are deeply insecure. This manifests itself as perfectionism, workaholism, and a constant sense of responsibility. Ironically, your fear that you aren’t good enough places even more pressure on you. 

An obstacle will arise this week that will make you second guess yourself. When this happens, take a second and think pragmatically. How many times have you seen this challenge before? How many times have you overcome it? Your record speaks for itself.


January 20 – February 18

aquarius zodiac symbol

Even revolutionaries can have boundaries, Aquarius. Normal doesn’t have to mean boring—in fact, it really shouldn’t. Needing a little routine and stability isn’t dull; it’s part of being a happy and healthy human. Sometimes, there’s a reason one path is less trod.

Pushing against this instinct is a recipe for disappointment and low self-esteem. But consider this: finding beauty in the every day isn’t an acquiescence; it’s the true revolutionary act. The harder you fight it, the unhappier you’ll be.


February 18 – March 20

pisces zodiac symbol

Chaos and challenge can easily dissuade you from moving forward. While it’s perfectly reasonable to dislike trouble, it shouldn’t keep you from success on the other side. The risk will never be zero, and there will always be obstacles ahead. 

So, you might as well start walking. Trust your intuition—it’s sharper than most, albeit more susceptible to emotional fog. You’d be surprised how small the challenges become once you get up close.

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