Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Reportedly Determined To Find ‘Pearl’ A New Network After Netflix Cancellation

by Natalie Kiser

The animated series fell victim to Netflix’s financial strain.

May 14, 2022 | 7:00 a.m. CDT

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit Australia - Day 2 (Dominic Lipinski Pool/Getty Images)

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are learning harsh lessons about the television industry. Netflix pulled the plug on their animated series Pearl. The two are determined to find the show a new home. Here’s what’s going on.

There Is Trouble At Netflix

Netflix is experiencing some of the worst days in the company’s history. It erased loads of goodwill with patrons over its decision to eliminate password sharing. That, partnered with a price hike, led to a sharp decline in subscribers. This caused the company’s market value to drop by $50 billion, and the bleeding hasn’t stopped. The stock has not been this low since 2017.

Amidst this unprecedented collapse, the streaming titan is canceling some of its shows to recoup costs. Cooking with Paris and The Baby-Sitters Club were both canceled, as was the Emily Osment series Pretty Smart to name a few.

Pearl, an animated children’s series from Archewell Studio, is just one of many shows to receive the ax. Netflix is not out of the Sussex business altogether, however. The documentary series Heart of Invictus is still full steam ahead, with filming mostly completed last month in the Netherlands.

Meghan Markle Finding A New Home?

Per The Sun, Markle is not ready to quit on Pearl just yet. She and executive producer David Furnish “are reviewing the project to see where else it could find a home” according to LA insiders. The two are pitching projects to other streaming titans like Disney, Amazon, and Apple. Markle has worked with Disney on its nature documentaries, and Harry was the subject of an AppleTV documentary about mental health.

Markle and Furnish are reportedly not ready to throw in the towel just because Netflix said no. While the cancellation is a hit, both have many connections in Hollywood which they’re hoping could save the series. A decision should be made in the coming weeks regarding the future of the show.

Should We Buy This?

The Sun does not have the greatest reputation in the world when it comes to Markle. However, this story sounds pretty believable. Prior to the stock drop, Netflix and Archewell went full steam ahead on Pearl , with job listings going up on all the usual sites. Markle wouldn’t be championing this project in the first place if she didn’t believe in it.

If one powerful studio believed in the project, who’s to say another won’t pick it up as well? Only time will tell if Pearl ever lives to see the light of day.

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