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10 Celebrities You May Have Forgot Made Appearances On 'Sex And The City'

>With this year's announcement of the Sex and the City revival, revisiting the show that quickly became of a cultural phenomenon has become a habit...

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With this year's announcement of the Sex and the City revival, revisiting the show that quickly became of a cultural phenomenon has become a habit. Who is also is binge-watching the New York sitcom with our four favorite ladies? We are.

While the nostalgia has certainly kicked in, we've loved going down memory lane with the best friends who taught us all we know today. And while we don't know what's coming for us with And Just Like That..., what we do know are all the iconic moments that graced our screens over a decade ago.

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Alas, you may recall that some of the biggest A-listers joined Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda in the Big Apple. If you missed the celebrity cameos, below you'll find a little refresh. What was an episode of SATC without numerous cosmopolitans and celeb appearances?

10 Jon Bon Jovi

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Until this day, the appearance of the frontman of the hottest band of the 80s, Bon Jovi, has to be the most talked-about one. Fans of the rockstar were envious for days and years after they saw the heartthrob play a little Twister with Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker). Who wouldn't want to be tangled up with the one and only JBJ?

Bradshaw, one of the four Manhattan women who gets involved in a bunch of sticky relationships even gets in bed with the irresistible Seth (Jon Bon Jovi), that she met at her therapist's office. His issue? And we quote, "I'm really f--ked up about women. After I sleep with them, I completely lose interest."

9 Geri Halliwell

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Who else joined the show that was undeniably groundbreaking for its time? A member of our favorite girl power girl-band, Spice Girls. Yes, Ginger Spice, a.k.a. Geri Halliwell, had a brief but fun cameo in the sixth season of the HBO revolutionizing sitcom.

The Spice Girl, who was roaming the bustling streets of New York as her character Phoebe, in a tiny bikini top ran into her old pal, Samantha Jones. Their brief encounter leads Samantha to a members-only pool at the SoHo house.

8 Bradley Cooper

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Some of the biggest celebs who popped on the show weren't so big then, like the handsome A-lister, Bradley Cooper. The casting director definitely spotted out his talent and knew he was to be something huge.

We bet you didn't know this, but SATC was The Hangover actor's first acting credit. Yes, this indeed very much means that it's this show that paved the way for his future. He plays Jake, who evidently has a random fling with the columnist and then drops her when he sees her on a magazine cover. Rude!

7 Matthew McConaughey

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One of our favorite celeb spottings on the show? The ladies' man, Matthew McConaughey.

The A-lister who has a list of iconic roles under his belt had already made a name for himself by the time SATC graced our screens with its city-slicking women.

Character name? None. The actor appeared early in the third installment of the show as himself. The Manhattan ladies took an escape to the sunny Los Angeles, and there, Carrie, the writer, meets up with McConaughey who's interested in turning her infamous column about Mr. Big into a big-screen flick.

6 Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Also a part of the SATC California episodes was the actress we know as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Actually, it's because of the optimistic and enthusiastic Gellar, who played Debbie, a junior development executive, that Carrie had a rendez-vous with McConaughey.

It's she who initiates the idea of turning Carrie's column into something.

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5 Vince Vaughn

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Leave it up to the columnist to constantly get entangled with men who come and go - like Keith Travers, played by a face we're all too familiar with, Wedding Crashers actor, Vince Vaughn.

Enthusiasts of the show may recall that Travers randomly appeared when Carrie was in distress because she and Samantha weren't permitted entry into a club. And in comes Travers, who approaches Carrie to quickly sweep her off her feet as he poses as Matt Damon's agent. Of course, he was just another man who lied to the leading lady about who he was.

4 Jennifer Coolidge

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What's a show about Manhattan women without a cameo by the hilarious and iconic, Jennifer Coolidge?

The bend-and-snap Legally Blonde actress appeared on the show as a designer named Victoria. Appearing in a Season 6 episode, "The Perfect Present,"  a heartbroken Victoria fits right in with the ladies. And in true SATC style, she tries to get over her breakup by throwing herself into something extravagant by designing handbags and hosting a Purse Party.

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3 Lucy Liu

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We all know how fierce the Charlie's Angels actress is!

Liu, who already had made a name for herself by then, is another celebrity who appeared as herself on the HBO series. She makes her way into a Season 4 episode entitled "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda" where she trusts Samantha to be her rep. Liu quickly cuts the chord when she discovers that Sam uses Liu's name in order to get at the top of the waitlist for a luxurious Birkin bag.

2 Justin Theroux

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Theroux had Carrie Bradshaw before he had Jennifer Aniston! The casting director of SATC appointed Theroux a minor supporting role before he hit the big-time.

In fact, he's the only celebrity who appeared on the show twice and as different characters. In the first season of the show, he played Jared, an author friend of Carrie's guy bestie, Stanford, and again as an author in Season 2, Vaughn Wysel. Both times though, his interest in a fellow writer is apparent, but the second time around, they date. Carrie gets entangled in his mess - and sheets - as he writes short stories about all of his shortcomings.

1 David Duchovny

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And last but not least is another celebrity who comes into the show and plays the role of a man who messes around with Carrie's head.

In the final season of the beloved cultural phenomenon, Duchovny, who plays the role of Jeremy, shows up as Carrie's high school crush. Of course, Carrie couldn't even catch a break from unwanted men in the sixth season. All is dandy until she finds out that he's only in her vicinity because he's attending a mental health facility.

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