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Jessica Alba's Husband: 10 Things We Know About Cash Warren

>Cash Warren is most known for his marriage to actress Jessica Alba, however, there is far more to Cash than meets the eye.The now film producer did..

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Cash Warren is most known for his marriage to actress Jessica Alba, however, there is far more to Cash than meets the eye.

The now film producer did not always have such an esteemed title when it came to his work in the film industry. Warren began his career as a production assistant, however, he slowly made his way up to production and began working as a film producer on the hit film Taxi back in 2004.

His career took off immediately after and he scored himself  The Fantastic Four film, which did him more favors than you'd think! With a career as extensive as his, there is much to know about him. So, who exactly is Cash Warren? Let's find out!

Updated on May 11, 2021, by Michael Chaar: Although Cash Warren is known for his work behind the scenes on countless films, it's his role as a husband and father that truly sets him apart. Cash has proudly taken on the role as a great "girl dad" with daughters Honor and Haven, all while supporting his wife, Jessica Alba with her companies newest IPO success. Cash, who has since taken on being the coach of his daughter, Haven's soccer team, the film producer has also gone on to launch his very own socks and accessories company, Pair Of Thieves.

10 He Began His Career As An Assistant Producer

Cash Warren may have struck gold when he met Jessica Alba, but it appears it did not happen by luck. Warren, who is a Los Angeles native, began his career in the same industry as Alba, however, he wasn't in front of the camera, but working on stuff behind the scenes.

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Before becoming a movie producer, Cash Warren worked as a production assistant on many films and television shows, proving that you really do have to start from the bottom and work your way up!

9 Cash Met Jessica Alba On The Set Of "Fantastic Four"

After working on film sets for most of his early adult life, Cash Warren eventually worked his way up to production status as a film producer. The first major film Warren worked on as the producer was the 2004 film Taxi, which not only did well in the box office but served Cash's career well.

Warren would later move on to produce The Fantastic Four, which starred none other than Jessica Alba. The two met on set and built quite a close relationship over the course of filming, creating the start to their happy ever after.

8 He Is A Film Producer But Doesn't Like The Title

After becoming quite a big name in Hollywood, working on one massive project after the other, Cash Warren became quite a notable film producer, however, there was one part of the job he hated, and that was the title.

The star believes it to be too "pretentious" a term for what he really does. He claims it stems from elements of creativity, and the focus should be more set on the vision and the art itself, so the hype surrounding his job title certainly gets on his nerves at times.

7 Cash Founded His Own Entertainment Company

As if being a successful film producer was not enough, Cash Warren has also ventured off into many other businesses as well, including his very own production company.

Cash is the co-owner of Verso Entertainment, which is a production company that focuses primarily on documentaries that tackle social issues for both film, television, and digital media. In addition to his own company, Warren also co-founded Apoko, a digital media group that allows celebrities and pro athletes to connect with their fans.

6 He Attended An Ivy League School

While we know Cash Warren as Jessica Alba's hubby and as a super successful film producer and businessman, one thing that many people do not know about Cash is that he attended an ivy league school!

Warren graduated from Yale back in 2001, and despite his career blossoming in the film industry, he studied and graduated with a degree in political science. While his diploma may not match what he currently does, it certainly has paid off for him.

5 He Started His Own Sock Company

Cash's life seems pretty great, and we're almost certain it really is! In addition to his successful career and marriage, Warren has also expanded his business ventures to that of socks and accessories.

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In 2016, the producer launched his very own company, Pair Of Thieves, in which he specializes in great quality socks that are meant to remain together, almost as thick as thieves, forever! The company has since expanded to face masks and other accessories, proving him to be quite the entrepreneur.

4 The Two Share Three Kids Together

Both Jessica Alba and Cash Warren have made it clear that love really does exist, and their relationship is proof of just that. The couple wasted no time after getting married and welcomed their first girl, Honor Warren in 2008.

Their second child, another daughter named Haven, was brought into the picture in 2011. While having two kids was a handful for the duo, they wanted to try for one more and welcomed their first son, Hayes, in 2017!

3 His Father Also Worked In The Film Industry

Cash Warren may have graduated from Yale with a degree in political science, however, it appears he ditched his field of study to follow in his father's footsteps. Cash, who is the son of actor Michael Warren, appeared to have preferred his father's line of work rather than his own.

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Michael Warren, who appeared as the main character on the hit NBC show "Hill Street Blues", has been in the business for decades, so it would only make sense that his own son finds himself working in the entertainment industry.

2 Cash Coaches Soccer

As if attending an Ivy League school, having your own company, and being a great husband wasn't great enough, Cash also wins the father of the year award after it was revealed he was the coach of his daughter's soccer team!

"Just in case you were wondering, Haven's soccer team, The Pink Tigers, won the Girls U9 championship," he captioned his Instagram photo. Cash went on to say he was on proud "dad/coach" as the entire group posed with their medals!

1 He Is A Great Girl Dad

Cash is known to be quite the husband extraordinaire, but in addition to being a father of three, Cash is now recognized as a fantastic "girl dad". While he and Jessica have their hands full with their youngest, Hayes, Cash's relationship with Haven and Honor is one that is too cute for words.

The star shares loads of moments with him and his daughters, including their school productions, birthdays, visits to the park, all the way to moments out at sea, Cash certainly knows what he's doing!

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