Tuesday, 18 May, 2021

The Pearl Necklace -- A Timeless Beauty

A pearl necklace is a timeless beauty. This elegant accessory has been seen in many different cultures and times, always as the epitome of classiness


A pearl necklace is a timeless beauty. This elegant accessory has been seen in many different cultures and times, always as the epitome of classiness or wealth. The first documented appearance was on Egyptian Queen Nefertiti around 1340 BC; she wore pearls draped over her chest to signify purity and status within society. Later references to this stunning piece of jewelry can be found from Shakespeare's "The Merchant Of Venice" where he mentions it being given away for love by Shylock, who does not want his daughter Leah married off before him (Part I). In each story there are similarities that show how much our ancestors valued these beautiful gems: they were bought with respectability but also used as symbols of opportunity when poverty struck—


Pearls are a woman's best friend and an accessory that can be worn day or night. They go with any attire, from casual to formal wear (depending on the type of pearl). And they have such versatility because there is really no need for more than one set!


It has been said that among all pieces of jewelry in the world, none compare to pearls when it comes down to elegance and sophistication. A classic tradition since ancient times, women always want their necklaces full-of these beautiful jewels as we know how versatile they truly are-from dressing up your look during the days at work right through until evening time hours in a fancy outfit you just don't take off; but also by going glamorously simple everyday wear


The price of a pearl necklace depends on the quality of its pearls. Saltwater pearls are generally more expensive than freshwater ones, which are cultured. The sheen and the thickness of the pearls’ nacre also affect the price, as well as the size and roundness of the pearls themselves. Pearl necklaces of various colors are available on the market. Smaller pearls in light hues of blue or pink are usually more suitable for young children, while the creamier, ivory-toned pearls are preferred by older women. Jewelry pieces made from black pearls are very, very expensive, since these pearls are so rare.


According to Chinese folklore, pearls are the tears of a dragon. In Roman mythology, they are the tears of Venus. Jewelry designers, in their tireless efforts to do justice to the legendary beauty of these gems, have been adding their own twists to the pearl necklace. Aside from the classic strand, the pearls used in necklaces are sometimes set in gold, silver or platinum. Some designers also mix pearls with other gems to create a unique effect. Extra ornaments, such as charms or a brooch, can also be attached to a pearl necklace to give it a personalized flair.


Pearls are beautiful and delicate, but they're not as fragile or sensitive to care for as people might think. They can be worn frequently without worry because the oils on your skin will keep them looking lustrous and fresh- even if you choose to wear a necklace every day of the week! You should also avoid getting pearls wet from things like sweat, water, perfume/cologne (which contain alcohol), hair spray & lotion so that their luster doesn't fade away over time.


Caring for pearl necklaces is actually pretty simple: just wear it often enough so that its natural sheen shines through--allowing oil from your own body do most of the work in keeping it clean! Avoid contact with liquids such


The popularity of the pearl necklace has never waned both among ordinary people and society’s elite. The quintessential fashion plate, Jackie Kennedy, had a passion for pearls; so does actress Maria Berenson. Other celebrities often photographed wearing pearl necklaces are Michelle Pfeiffer, Sophia Loren, Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton. The versatility of pearls is such that fashion experts are even predicting an increase in the number of men who will start wearing pearl-accented dress accessories. For now, however, there is very little to surpass the elegance of the sight of a pearl necklace gracing the neckline of a woman, whether she’s a celebrity or not.