Thursday, 5 Aug, 2021

'Unexpected': Here's Why Fans Think TLC Fired Reanna And Taron

>When TLC's new show about teen pregnancy was announced, viewers questioned whether it would be any different than past teen mom-centered shows...

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When TLC's new show about teen pregnancy was announced, viewers questioned whether it would be any different than past teen mom-centered shows. After all, MTV has basically dominated the market on 16-year-olds and similarly aged teens welcoming babies and growing up alongside their kids on TV.

But 'Unexpected' was a pretty interesting show anyway, and a bit unconventional despite the tired subject matter. Viewers soon got caught up in the early drama of the series, especially as they got to know the cast members.

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Unfortunately for fans of Reanna Cline and Taron Ward, the couple was recently dropped from the show. This, of course, came after a cliffhanger of a break that had fans wondering what the heck was going on.

Once the news broke that Taron and Reanna wouldn't be returning, fans started sleuthing around -- and here's why some think the couple was canned.

Though Reanna and Taron themselves have been pretty quiet about leaving the show, in terms of not spelling out specific reasons for their departure, fans have plenty to chat about.

In fact, fans were pretty surprised when they heard Taron and Reanna were done. One fan said that couple would've been her last guess had anyone hinted at someone leaving the show.

However, once they got to chatting about it, fans had some ideas.

For one thing, there's speculation that Taron and Reanna broke their NDA. Like any other reality series, cast members on 'Unexpected' apparently had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. But then, Reanna and Taron both spilled some 'tea' that they probably weren't meant to.

There were other events that could've influenced their firing, though. One fan recalled the time that Reanna posed her baby with a pocket knife, which many viewers of the show found to be alarming.

Some fans think that TLC didn't really fire the couple; they think the two ducked out of the series on purpose. After all, Tyra "supposedly" quit, noted one fan, but she followed up with accusations that the show had made her look bad.

While reality TV shows aren't known for their accuracy in portraying real events, Tyra may have a point. Fans suggest that Reanna may have had similar issues with TLC, but for now, everything is pure speculation.

The fact is, it doesn't seem like Reanna or Taron will be returning to the show.

After season four, TLC's 'Unexpected' seems to be on an unplanned hiatus. While fans are hopeful that it will return, it does seem like season five has been delayed indefinitely -- if it will even happen at all.


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