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Smells Like...Britney Spears!

Smells Like...Britney SpearsYou just want to smell like Britney, don't you? Well why not buy some of her perfume or cologne today!You won't need to go


Smells Like...Britney Spears!


You just want to smell like Britney, don't you? Well why not buy some of her perfume or cologne today!


You won't need to go far for your next Britney Spears fix. Her life story is now on view at the London Museum, where 150 items from her personal archives are being displayed in a special exhibit called "Britney: The Exhibition." From outfits and handwritten lyrics to old concert posters you can take home with you as souvenirs of an unforgettable evening - there's something here for just about everyone!


- You'll find more than 100 costumes worn by pop star through five decades including iconic looks such as—the schoolgirl outfit she wore when performing "…Baby One More Time" or all white jumpsuit that was seen during "(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction". Alongside it will be some less glamorous pieces


Britney Spears is coming back again


Britney Spears is everywhere again isn’t she? She was like a bad penny her face kept turning up in the media; her voice could be heard on talk shows, videos and radio. The singer even had cameos in movies such as Austin Powers: Gold member! But it doesn't stop there – Britney has been releasing perfumes of herself to take advantage of that market too.


Britney Spears may have gone away for awhile but now she's back with more than just music - three different versions of Britni perfume are being released this year alone so you won't get any relief from seeing or hearing about our favourite pop princess anytime soon!


What if I am not a Britney Fan?

There are 3 different flavored Britney Spears perfumes; Curious (released 2004), Fantasy (released 2005) and In Control, the newest to the stable. Britney Spears perfumes can be found in department stores and online specialty perfume stores and online department stores. You generally will find the best deals on the web ,however you can’t try before you buy. Make sure they have return policies.


Britney Spears is a superstar, not just in the music world but also on fragrance counters. As one of America's most successful pop singers and actresses, she has helped to make Elizabeth Arden into an international powerhouse with her signature perfumes like Curious from 2004 that sold over 20 million bottles worldwide.


This fact was confirmed when Britney teamed up with Prince for Ultimate Fantasy in 2007 as well as Paris Hilton who became famous after appearing alongside Nicole Richie during their time together at The Simple Life back in 2003-2004 before releasing debut perfume Hollywood Heartthrob which debuted globally this past Valentine's Day (2014).



The Curious Britney Spears perfume is a classic and youthful fragrance for the non-typical female. This scent can be worn at special events or to try and get an estimate on your car repair down at Hank’s Garage when you need it! It has floral notes, but also comes with hints of being sexy without overwhelming people around you.



The marketing campaign for Britney Spears second perfume family is an incredible, albeit expensive and lavish endeavour. Going to the official website there are gorgeous computer animations with lush colours that give off a sensual vibe while including sparkles to make it all magical looking. It's amazing what this country spends on frivolities such as perfume! Even more so - someone got paid for thinking up something like this ad campaign! Perhaps making her perfumes sound like Love Potion No 9 was their little Fantasy?


In Control

The last Britney Spears perfume family smells possibly more like Britney Spears current image as temptress and siren. Its base is white vanilla, but then includes a blend of creme brule , loquat fruit, midnight orchid, sugared sandalwood and musk. Elizabeth Arden does not test on animals…just customers.