Thursday, 5 Aug, 2021

Truth Behind Celebrity Gossips

Gossip is a way of life, and we all do it. From the time you were old enough to understand that your parents did not share every detail about their li


Gossip is a way of life, and we all do it. From the time you were old enough to understand that your parents did not share every detail about their lives with each other (or at least they should have) until now as an adult who has been told by friends on many occasions "Just don't ask" or even just given knowing glances when someone says something ridiculous in passing, gossiping comes easy for most people. And what's more natural than talking about celebrities? Most are so famous there isn't anything substantive left to say - but I'm sure some will disagree! With social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram being used mainly for posting pictures from last night out drinking too much wine before falling into bed sans makeup because drinks


The latest gossip and scandals are all over the place when it comes to celebrities of every shape, size, color, and creed. And no matter how much you would like to deny that you don't care about celebrity news - isn't finding out who has been seen with whom on a date or in bed one way of passing time? Keeping abreast of what's going on is another easy means by which we can enjoy ourselves while being entertained!


Keeping up with the Kardashians is a full-time job. But for those of us who are too busy, there's award ceremonies! From Oscars to Grammys and Golden Globes - these events always make me want to look at their outfits just as much as I do when it comes down to picking my own outfit on any given day.


Watching a popular starlet stumble her way to the podium wearing an unflattering dress can lead to weeks of gossip about what not to wear when the cameras are hot and ready. Magazines are filled with the latest fashion mistakes that the stars make when they venture out into public places.


Many celebrities took home awards last night during the Academy Awards ceremony, but one that particularly stood out in our minds was Viola Davis' win for Best Supporting Actress Award (she won an Oscar) . Her dress looked like something you might find hanging inside your closet or tucked away into your grandma’s attic; however she managed pull off this old fashioned style better than anyone else could have imagined


Celebrity relationships continue to baffle most of us. What makes motion picture stars such as Brad Pitt leave one relationship for another? Celebrity gossip has followed Mr. Pitt as he baffles the media with his behavior. The scandal of celebrity relationships gone wrong is always at the forefront of the news, covering the pages of serious newspapers all the way to gossip magazines that line the shelves at the grocery store.


Long before Santa came on the scene, the ancient Chinese knew all about spenders through the craft of face reading. They could look at a person's face and tell his past, present and future, his temperament, disposition, creativity, and whether the person is, or will be, fortunate or not so fortunate. Even today, it's still around in China and has gotten attention in psychology circles in America.


Face reading experts think the best gifts usually come from women who have big eyes and men with a big nose. So, fall in love with women with wide eyes and smile at men who get their nose into everything.


If we look at famous Hollywood celebrities, George Clooney has a strong, affirmative nose on a well-balanced face. Often such people reach high goals and are generous.


Reese Witherspoon's nose tells that she likes to give big-time presents to all her close ones. She has a broad, nice smile. That means also she has a pleasant personality. But even though there's a lot of sweetness in her face, you can bet your life she is a strong individual. Her face has high cheekbones and it means that she is the one who says where the dinner table stands. -No, honey, I said over there.


Of other Hollywood celebrities, Chinese face reading pinpoints Jack Nicholson as a generous man, who buys plenty of Holiday goodies for his male and female pals. Flaring nostrils suggest Jack is very emotional and might throw a tantrum at any time. The wide smile tells of a pleasing personality, but when the lips are thin, the person is disposed to say something anytime he wants to. Nicholson's ears are good. They are long and nicely set, so he is very fortunate in most ways, according to face reading.