Paulina Porizkova: ‘You don’t get to dismiss me because I have some wrinkles’

by Susan Ryant

Paulina Porizkova was one of the supermodels of the 80s, when models became celebrities in their own right. Because I grew up during that time, those ladies are still goddesses in my mind. To hear one of them say they feel dismissed in their 50s is unfathomable to me. But that’s exactly what Paulina, 56, said in a recent interview with PEOPLE (the TV Show!). Paulina started modeling when she was 13. She took a hiatus while she was married to Ric Ocasek to be with their family. She reentered the workforce through TV, acting and writing. When asked where the modeling world needed to improve, Paulina said “ageism.” Apparently, she was shamed for daring to get older. But she’s not having it, because this is the best version of her yet.

Paulina Porizkova is sharing her experiences as one of the most famous models in the world, as well as thoughts on where the fashion industry still needs work.

Porizkova, who got her start in the modeling industry at age 13 in the late ’70s, acknowledges that the business has “gotten a lot better now” since her heyday.

“I love the movement of body inclusivity and color inclusivity and celebrating different beauty as beautiful,” she says. “I’m so behind that!”

But when asked by Parsons about areas in the business that still need to change, she doesn’t hesitate.

“Ageism, babe,” she replies, going on to show the host her gray roots in the studio.

“I felt ashamed to be aging, and then on the other hand you go, ‘But, I’m smarter, I’m better, I’m funnier, I’m more patient!’ ” she continues. “Overall as a person, I’m the best I’ve ever been. So I’m not ready to be dismissed.”

“You don’t get to dismiss me because I have some wrinkles and sags and gray hair now, when I’m kind of fabulous, the most fabulous I’ve ever been,” she adds. “In fact, I’m going to just put it out there and go, you know what, this is me at my best. Deal with it!”

[From People]

“In fact, I’m going to just put it out there and go, you know what, this is me at my best. Deal with it!” Hells to the yes! Like, maybe that 20+ version of me looked better in jeans, but she was so obnoxious – and clueless. I would never want to go back to being her. I can’t completely relate to Paulina, of course. I never looked like she did in the first place. I don’t have people openly discussing what a shame it is I don’t look the same as I did 30 years ago. But I do feel unseen now by most of the public. And it’s too bad because, like Paulina, I’ve become a much more interesting person, with more to offer but also more patience to listen and be educated.

I love to see Paulina back on red carpets and runways. I’d love to see more older women in magazines, especially in high fashion. I’d love to see more women over 20 getting love stories. I just read an interview with Adjoa Andoh, Lady Danbury from Bridgerton, who said she wants to see her character get a love interest. I was wondering if they would ever dare to go with old fart love on that show. I hope so. Don’t count us out, when we olds say we are experienced, we mean in everything, sugar. Oh! Maybe Paulina could get a role as a suitor for… I don’t know. Shonda will figure it out.