Saturday, 10 Apr, 2021

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Gossip and the Destruction of Careers

Gossip has been a staple of human society since we learned to speak, and it's no surprise that the advent of social media only helped its proliferatio

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The Victims of Fame

What are the victims of fame? The tragically famous, or those who were once in a former life. We're all trying to overcome our past and move forward w

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Advertising On Celebrity Fan Sites

In the fast paced world, celebrities are on a never-ending search for fame. They strive to maintain ties with their fans by keeping up appearances via

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Truth Behind Celebrity Gossips

Gossip is a way of life, and we all do it. From the time you were old enough to understand that your parents did not share every detail about their li

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Celebrity Drug Addiction

Celebrities are more susceptible to drug addiction because they have a lot of money and can buy drugs without getting caught. The best way for celebri

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