10 of the Best Books You Have To Read This Fall

by Susan Ryant

Fall is the one time of the year one takes a look back at life. With the new year approaching and trees shedding their leaves to give way to new life, there's no better time than fall to rejuvenate yourself, especially if you like to be in sync with nature. And what better way to refresh than read books that can soothe your soul?

While bookstores tend to offer a wide array of choices for this time of the year, it becomes hard to shortlist. So here's the secret: a relaxed, lightly mysterious, and somewhat eventful book that helps you lie back and not dwell on it too much. Still confused? Take a look at these books and find out.

10/10 'Canadian Fall' by Kimberly Ann

The cover of Canadian Fall by Kimberly Ann

Lila Jameson has had to struggle for everything she's had in life. Finally, after a neck-breaking cycle of endless jobs, she's opened her dream bakery in a small town she never thought she'd return to. But when her dream is burdened to the ground, literally, she has no place to stay. Enter Travis Langston, her old fling and now a cop in Logan Creek. He wants to help her, but she doesn't want to be helped. He wants to love her, but it doesn't seem like she's open to that idea either. So how will he ever make her fall in love with her this fall?

A fake marriage story with high stakes, Canadian Fall , is the second book in the Logan Creek series by Kimberly Ann. With a murderer on the loose and lots of fresh baked goods, Canadian Fall is a perfect read for a fall evening.

9/10 'Payback’s A Witch' by Lana Harper

The cover of Payback’s A Witch by Lana Harper

Emmy Harlow is a somewhat powerless witch, partly because she left town to pave her way in the world. Before she left, she swore not to return to her complicated family—or Gareth Blackmoore, heir to the most potent magical family in town and playboy Casanova. But when a family tradition drags her back to town, and she encounters Talia Avramov—an all-around badass, she might consider staying a little longer before returning to normal life in Chicago.

An LGBT fantasy romance that will sweep you off your feet, Payback's A Witch , is a perfect addition to your TBR this witchy season. If you're a fan of Riverdale and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina , this book should be your date this fall!

8/10 'Resisting You' by Daphne Elliot

The cover of Resisting You by Daphne Elliot

Everyone in Havenport loves Luke Kim except Nora Rossi, that is. She's been burned before, and she'll be damned if she falls for the same antics again. But something gets burned: her house, that is. And Luke jumps at the first chance to spend time with the woman who makes his heart beat faster every time she so much looks at him. But even as the heat turns to love, can they still find a way to stay together when the smog clears?

An angry love confession, a badass heroine who supports inclusivity, and a hardworking hero who doesn't reek of privilege and snobbery? Check, check, and check. If driven characters and relatable one-liners are what you're looking for this fall, it's time you pick up Resisting You by Daphne Elliot.

7/10 'Serpent Dove' by Shelby Mahurin

The cover of Serpent Dove by Shelby Mahurin

When Louise LeBlanc fled her coven for the city of Cesarine, she decided to forsake magic. But being a witch still had consequences, like being feared, hunted, and even killed. Reid Diggory was one of them, the one supposed to kill her until they were forced into a union more potent than anything else: holy matrimony. But time changes feelings, and with everything on the line, Louise must make a choice that will change her life.

The first book in the Serpent Dove series, Serpent Dove , is a YA Fantasy that will sweep you off your feet. Witchy, magical, and romantic, the book is a must-read for everyone's TBR this fall.

6/10 'The Ex Hex' by Erin Sterling

The cover of The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling

After getting her heart broken by Rhys Penhallow, Vivienne Jones resorted to what she found easiest as a witch: she cursed him. She was sure a scented candle and an amateur spell wouldn't hurt him more than a bad hair day, but she was too drunk to care. Nine years later, she doesn't remember her debacle, but she hasn't gotten over him. But when he comes back to town on family business and can't seem to get out of trouble, it's clear as a day that her curse did more than just put him in the way of danger. As they work together to find a cure for him and Graves Glen, can they find forgiveness and love along the way?

The first book in the Ex Hex series, The Ex Hex , casts a spell that makes the book unputdownable. Witchy and romantic, the book is a magical read fit for the post-Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons.

5/10 'Things We Never Got Over' by Lucy Score

The cover of Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

Knox Morgan doesn't like company—except beer and his basset hound, Waylon, that is. But when Naomi Wyatt, a runaway bride, loses her money and car and is left with a niece she didn't know about the existence of, he takes pity when on her and decides to help her out. "Help her and get rid of her," that's his plan, but when real danger looms around the window, there might be a delay before he returns to his peaceful, solitary life.

Things We Never Got Over is a BookTok sensation and an Amazon bestseller. The book is a contemporary romance that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. With its successor coming soon, this fall is the optimal time to read Things We Never Got Over.

4/10 'The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue' by VE Schwab

The cover of The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue by VE Schwab

It was the wicked year of 1714 when the opportunity arose. A young woman, Addie LaRue, made a Faustian bargain to become immortal and, in return, was cursed to be forgotten by anyone she had ever met. And thus began the beginning of the end, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue . That was, until 300 years later, a young man approaches her in a hidden bookstore and claims to remember her name.

A captivating story with a unique premise, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue is a perfect companion for everyone who thinks they're lonely.

3/10 'November 9' by Colleen Hoover

The cover of November 9 by Colleen Hoover

The day Fallon meets Ben is her last day in LA. But there's something about this boy that she wants to spend her final fleeting moments in the city with him. She says she's his muse, the part of his book that's forever been missing. Year after year, they keep meeting each other on the same date. Until one day, Fallon wonders if this is a meet-cute or if Ben orchestrated the perfect plot - and end - to his book.

A book with plot twists so wild you'll be holding the edges of your seat, November 9 is a modern classic that left readers shocked and impressed. Of course, there's no better date to read November 9 than the date itself, and if that doesn't convince you, Colleen Hoover's writing will.

2/10 'The Love Hypothesis' by Ali Hazelwood

The cover of The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

A third-year Ph.D. candidate, Olive Smith, doesn't believe in love—or lasting romantic relationships, for that matter. But unfortunately for her, she has to convince her best friend she is in one. So like any sane woman in her position, she goes and kisses the first guy she sees in the hallway, and it turns out to be the sexy, brooding, jerk professor everyone fears: Adam Carlsen. But when Carlsen agrees to pretend to date her for mutual benefit and takes her to Starbucks dates every Wednesday, it isn't long before the lines between the fake and real start to blur.

Ali Hazelwood's debut novel, The Love Hypothesis, is everything you want to read this fall. Olive's favorite drink is Pumpkin Spice Latte, and with enough motivation from her, it'll become yours too!

1/10 'The American Roommate Experiment' by Elena Armas

The cover of The American Roommate Experiment by Elena Armas

After quitting her job to become a romance writer, Rosie Graham was positive she would have a breakthrough, but her ceiling broke instead. Crumbled, actually. Luckily, she can live in her best friend Lina's house while she's out of town with the spare key she left her. What Rosie doesn't know: Lina already lent her apartment to her cousin Lucas. The same Lucas she's been stalking on social media for months, the one she's developed a crush on. Forced to live with this incredible, compassionate man, can Rosie finally give in to her feelings?

The much-awaited book by the author of The Spanish Love Deception , The American Roommate Experiment , will indulge you in pizza, New York, music, and a sweeping romance this fall.

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