10 Pokémon That Deserve the 'Legendary' Title

by The Jiu Jitsu Tourist

The world of Pokémon is home to over 900 species of fantastical creatures that can harness the power of the elements. Though all of them are capable of amazing feats, some Pokémon naturally outshine the others. Their mastery over one or two particular elements are so unmatched that, combined with their rarity, various legends evolve around them.

Some of the most powerful of these legendary Pokémon have abilities that rival that of a god. Fortunately, they are mostly benign in nature, but should anyone be foolish enough to challenge them, they won't hesitate to show the true limits of their power.


Mewtwo as he appeared in Pokémon The First Movie

When scientists discovered a fossil of the Pokémon progenitor, Mew, they decided to use it to create the most powerful Pokémon in the world. Dubbing their creation Mewtwo, the scientists further experimented on it through gene splicing, which hardened its heart to humans and Pokémon alike. After breaking free from its creators, Mewtwo hid itself from the world and worked to master its power.

Mewtwo's aggressive tendencies certainly add to its reputation. It won't hesitate to attack anyone who stumbles into its hidden lair with powerful psychic attacks, and can heal itself using the move Recover, allowing it to fight for longer periods of time. Mewtwo also has access to two different Mega Evolutions, one of which grants it the Fighting-type and impressive physical power, while the other boosts its psychic abilities to astronomical levels.


Ho-Oh descending from the clouds

One of the two legendary birds of the Johto region, Ho-Oh flies through the sky on wings that shine with every color of the rainbow. Once, it roosted upon the Tin Tower (now called the Bell Tower), before the tower of its counterpart, Lugia, was destroyed in a fire. Now Ho-Oh flies across the Pokémon world, never staying in one place for long, and rarely appearing before humans.

Those who are fortunate enough to see the legendary phoenix are said to be blessed with eternal happiness, but only if they are pure of heart. To those who wish to spread ill-intent, Ho-Oh won't hesitate to bathe them in searing fire. Yet the flames of Ho-Oh are not all destructive: when three Pokémon burned to death inside the Brass Tower, Ho-Oh resurrected them as the three legendary beasts Raikou, Entei, and Suicune.


Primal Groudon ushering in a new Desolate Land

The tropical Hoenn region is one of the most beautiful locations in the Pokémon world. However, deep within the fiery core of the volcanic Mt. Chimney, a super-ancient Pokémon named Groudon sleeps. Should this Ground-type Pokémon awaken, its power is so vast that it can change the very landscape of the world forever.

In ancient times, Groudon is said to have been the personification of the land itself. It has the power to intensify the sunlight and bathe the word in searing heat and shake the world with each step. If it acquires an artifact called the Red Orb, Groudon undergoes primal reversion, gaining a Fire-typing and the power to cause volcanic eruptions to create entirely new landmasses.


Primal Kyogre moving through the Primordial Sea

In ancient times, when Groudon created landmasses under the blazing sunlight, it found a counterpart deep withing the primordial sea. This Pokémon, called Kyogre, has unparalleled mastery over water. At its command, rainclouds block out the sky in a torrential downpour.

Though Kyogre's rain has saved many who suffered from drought, it loses control when it encounters Groudon. A meeting between the two results in a titanic battle as fire and water clash to determine how the world should be re-shaped. It's made even worse if Kyogre acquires the Blue Orb, which allows it to tap into its latent power and create a storm so powerful it can permanently increase sea-levels.


Rayquaza flying high above the earth

Though Groudon and Kyogre have the power to fundamentally re-make the world, even they bow before the power of another. From atop the Sky Pillar in the Hoenn region, trainers might be able to catch a glimpse of Rayquaza. This massive dragon spends its time soaring through the atmosphere, but should the stability of the world come under threat, it will descend from the heavens.

Rayquaza's power to nullify the powers of Groudon and Kyogre is the only way to stop the two titans from clashing. Not even their origin forms can withstand Rayquaza, who can consume meteorites in order to achieve a unique form of Mega Evolution without needing a keystone. In this form, Rayquaza is able to fly into outer space, and its power becomes unmatched even compared to other legendaries.


Giratina in its Origin Forme flying through the Distortion World

Legends of the Sinnoh region speak of three Dragon-type Pokémon created by the God of Pokémon, Arceus. The first two, Dialga and Palkia, were given mastery over time and space respectively. The third, Giratina, was given mastery of antimatter, but proved to be too violent for its own good and was banished to a parallel reality called the Distortion World.

Over time, Giratina's rage subsided, and it took upon itself the role of ensuring cosmic balance. From its home, it can gaze into the Pokwmon World, where it silently watches for disruptions in the blanace of space and time. Should something threaten to upset the balance, Giratina won't hesitate to manifest itself as a shadowy mass, or a mighty dragon that walks on six legs.


Yveltal flying under dark skies

The French-inspired Kalos region prides itself on its natural beauty. This is thanks in part to Xerneas, a beautiful Fairy-type that rejuvenates the land before transforming into a tree and hibernating for a thousand years. However, when Xerneas goes to sleep, a hidden cocoon begins to awaken.

From the cocoon emerges a Dark-type bird named Yveltal, who is Xerneas' opposite. Instead of giving life, Yveltal takes it away, which perpetuates a cycle of destruction and rebirth. This is even tied into Yveltal's own life: once it's time to return to its cocoon form, it absorbs the life-force of all creatures around it, which in turn helps to re-awaken Xerneas to regenerate the land.


Zygarde 50% within a dark cave

While traversing the Pokémon world, trainers might come across strange-looking green creatures clinging to rocks and trees. They don't do much but observe, though a couple of them have colored markings and can move around. Th4ese green Pokémon are called Cells and Cores, which are all pieces of the legendary Dragon-type, Zygarde.

When a new threat to the environment raises its head, the cores can draw cells towards themselves in order to take on different forms. Its 10% Form allows Zygarde to traverse the landscape and make quick hit-and-run attacks, while the 50% Form is a powerful dragon that can stand up to most foes. Should Zygarde merge all of its cells together, it becomes a massive behemoth capable of overcoming even Xerneas and Yveltal.


Necrozma preparing to attack

In the spaces between dimensions, there lies a city called Ultra Megalopolis. The people there attempted to harness the power of Necrozma, a powerful dragon with the ability to create light. However, their experiments damaged Necrozma and left it in an incomplete state of permanent agony.

Having lost its ability to create light due to the experiments, Necrozma now travels through Ultra Space to appear in various dimensions. Once there, it steals all light from the world, permanently blanketing it in twilight unless the light is returned. So desperate is its drive to return to its true self that it will even possess other denizens of Ultra Space, such as Solgaleo and Lunala, to drain their light and use their bodies to attack anyone that gets in its way.


Calyrex standing before some ice

In the ancient legends of the Galar Region, there lives a Psychic and Grass-type Pokémon named Calyrex. This benevolent Pokémon was king of the Galar region, ruling through benevolence and by utilizing its power over nature to supply bountiful harvests and heal the injured. It was able to traverse its domain with ease thanks to its steeds Glastrier and Spectrier, who amplified its already incredible psychic powers.

Along with encouraging plants to grow in the icy regions of the Crown Tundra, Calyrex possesses the ability to see in the past and future. It has used this gift to protect human and Pokémon communities from natural disasters. However, its power is based on the belief of its subjects: should they lose faith, Glastrier and Spectrier will abandon it, and Calyrex's powers diminish.

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