[Black Friday] Walmart Has Over 150 Movies on Sale for Between $5.96 and $12.96

by Susan Ryant

Thanksgiving Week is one of the best times of the year to score excellent deals on horror movies, and Scream Factory is offering a sale of their own for the next week.

Announced and launched today, Scream Factory has put a handful of their box sets on sale, and the sale will be running until December 1, 2021 at 11:59pm PST.

“Famous horror franchises, beloved television shows, director’s collections, and other carefully curated compilations are available now in our popular Box Set Sale!”

Nearly everything in the sale is 40% off list price, and horror titles including the Friday the 13th , Critters , The Fly , and The Omen franchise box sets are included!

The Friday the 13th complete Blu-ray collection has been slashed down to $95.99, with the Critters set going for $29.99. Both The Fly and The Omen sets are $38.99.

Several Universal Horror collections are also included, as well as The Paul Naschy Collection Volume 1 and Volume II, and The Larry Fessenden Collection as well.

Take advantage of the sale while you can!