Chucky Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: So Many Dolls, Sister

by Susan Ryant

“Defenestration. It’s always been my favorite MO.” Someone was going to die tonight, and while which character might not be a surprise, how it happened surely is. The countdown to the end of Chucky ’s sophomore year is on.

Including this episode, there are three left. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered, but the show is moving at a brisk pace. Season 2 is having more fun than the first. A 90-minute feature movie couldn’t hold in all the plot twists, character moments, and slasher kills. Not even a “mega-slasher” like Terrifier 2 could. “He Is Risen Indeed” wastes no time in answering some, being patient with others, and asking new ones.

Another Pound of Flesh

chucky season 2 episode 6 sister ruth assassin chucky father bryce

Before reaching the present, a flashback shows what happened with that van full of Chucky dolls at the end of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2. Andy (Alex Vincent), to get rid of them all, decides to drive the van off a hill. It proves to be ill-advised, but Andy isn’t thinking clearly. Kyle’s “death” is on his mind. He has no way of knowing she survived the explosion at Charles Lee Ray’s childhood home. The van goes off, crashes, and explodes. Chucky dolls fly up into the air, Brad Dourif ’s cries heard in unison. But Andy didn’t get trapped in the flames, the bald Colonel has other plans for the unconscious Andy. The older Final Boy is pulled from the wreckage. Episode 5 only hints at the injuries to the poor guy, strapped to a cot in a secluded cabin full of Chucky doll corpses. Episode 6 reveals the Colonel has been torturing him for a year, slicing and poking at Andy’s limbs, taking off flesh to cook by the fireplace. The fireplace-lit setting, the Colonel’s appearance and accent, are all a reference to Marlon Brando’s villain in Apocalypse Now (1979) -- because the series loves pop culture nods. As Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind) and Devon (Björgvin Arnarson) watch from the window, Dr. Mixter (Rosemary Dunsmore) has connections to the killer doll. The therapist knew “Charlie” since he was a kid, when the reform school was his foster home.

Dr. Mixter offers up another important development. She knows Tiffany has lost Nica ( Fiona Dourif ), referring to the killer inside Nica, as Chucky-Prime. While the Colonel scoffs at it, it definitely helps in differentiating all the dolls at large. Then Mixter tries to make something very clear. “Every dead Chucky brings you one step closer to extinction,” she warns, this doom very much in Voldemort-style. The two talk over the trapped Andy, who bares a striking resemblance to his old foe. Due to his captive state, Andy’s grown a beard, but it’s the long hair which makes him look like the human form of Charles Lee Ray. Andy, a quiet and haunted man, has now become more traumatized, even aggressive. Upon Dr. Mixter’s exit, cradling Chucky off to the school, Devon and Lexy slip in. Andy, not once but twice, grabs at Devon, his torture turning him untrustworthy. But he eventually allows their help, vowing revenge, for Kyle and his imprisonment. The good news is Kyle isn’t dead, but she’s busy with another reunion.

Inside the School of the Incarnate Lord, Sister Ruth (Lara Jean Chorostecki) hasn’t just lost her marbles. It’s scarier than that. She is a full-blown worshiper to Assassin Chucky, his G.I. Joe-like chest poking out of torn overalls. To the nun, this is not a revived killer but the revived Lord. She gently washes Assassin Chucky’s little plastic feet while he feasts on communion wafers. She’s even dyed her hair red, to match her Lord and Savior. Although Assassin Chucky mentions: “You know, you should be a blonde.” Tiffany ( Jennifer Tilly ) really is his perfect, toxic match. Out of a window, Assassin Chucky notices Dr. Mixter arriving with the Colonel. Neither doll is pleased to see the other. Assassin Chucky throws up the middle finger. It's also Good Chucky, who also sees the Colonel out of a window, that waves happily. By episode’s end, only one of these three will be left standing.

Father Bryce ( Devon Sawa ), because of current missing students Devon and Lexy, orders a lock-down. Non-diegetic organ music plays as he orders the youths to return to their rooms, the music hitting wild, menacing notes. It was bound to get to this point. From the moment the show’s main trio stepped into this school, there was something not quite right. The very dead Trevor (Jordan Kronis) hasn’t been forgotten. His group of friends taunts Jake (Zackary Arthur), believing he’s behind the disappearance. They aren’t exactly wrong, they just don’t know the right context. Dr. Mixter walks up, threatening Trevor’s friends with juvie if they don’t move on. Jake isn’t in a hurry to leave, not when he sees the Colonel in Mixter’s hands. Even Father Bryce is curious as to Mixter’s intentions with the doll, confused with this doll’s lack of lush red hair. Dr. Mixter simply explains the doll as a tool for therapy. She’s a good liar, a big difference to Tiffany, who stammers when caught.

With Sister Ruth succumbing to literal blasphemy, Sister Catherine (Andrea Carter) remains the voice of reason. She talks to Bryce in an attempt to get him to stop turning the school into a prison, the complete opposite of its purpose. Devon and Lexy bring Andy in. They make up a story, figuring they could help this injured “stranger.” Sister Catherine is pleased with the gesture; Bryce is cautious. The two have a scripture standoff and Catherine wins out. Andy is taken in as the kids are sent to their rooms. Like she did with Jake, Dr. Mixter approaches Devon and Lexy. The school’s therapist is up to shady shit and she’s done with her facade. She outright warns the kids of the Colonel, doing so with pride. “He’s going to kill each and every one of you, and I am absolutely going to watch.” It’s such a malicious line and it’s so great the show isn’t afraid to bring in another adversary beyond Tiff and Chuck.

A Talent for Resurrection

chucky season 2 lachlan watson glen and glenda

Finally, the show jumps out of the confinement at Incarnate Lord. Like Glen (Lachlan Watson) in Episode 5, Glenda (also Watson) has a nightmare that pulls scenes from Seed of Chucky (2004). The two are remembering their past and whether that is a positive or negative to themselves, remains to be seen. Glenda is in a motel, sharing a room with Kyle (Christine Elise) and Nica. In much better shape than Andy (with just a prosthetic ear attached to her glasses), Kyle is on high alert for good reason. She’s staying with a possessed killer and the child of said killer. Kyle wonders about Andy's whereabouts. It’s what brought her to LA to begin with. Whether their reunion happens next episode or in the last, it will be so good to see Elise and Vincent finally share a scene. The family bond is strong between their characters.

Despite the grueling process, Nica allows Kyle to talk with Chucky-Prime. Cutting her hand to draw blood, Kyle shows it to let Fiona Dourif channel her father’s voice, cackling and crude. He is in awe at Kyle (“Not one person died in that explosion?”) and bionic armed, Chucky-Prime can’t be trusted. Kyle needs to punch the killer back into Nica’s subconscious for some quiet. On the TV nearby, a manhunt has been called for Jennifer Tilly. Her burned down Beverly Hills mansion didn’t destroy the evidence of bodies, Joe Pantoliano and Meg Tilly. Nica has been wanted by the cops, now Glenda is too. Kyle can’t catch a break, protecting fugitives with the hopes of finding Andy.

Back at Incarnate Lord, Devon and Jake are in their room and finally talk. Stress and specifically the moral standing to Good Chucky have divided the boyfriends. For some reason, despite Father Bryce seeing them kiss a while back, they still share a room -- the show just goes with it. Knowing the Colonel is coming for them, Jake decides to fight. He wants to use Good Chucky as their main weapon, who Devon still distrusts. What doesn’t help, is what happens next. A pesky fly bothers Good Chucky while he’s trying to draw, so he throws a pen. It’s such an expert technique, it pins the bug to the wall. Can Chucky really be stripped of his darkness? As Just Mustard’s “Seven” plays, the moody needle drop hints the answer won’t be simple. Now, Chucky can really have fun with its logic. That Sister Catherine can treat the wounded and malnourished Andy with school’s nurse supplies, is pushing it though. Clean water and a clean washcloth are a start, but the man needs the ER. When she leaves, Andy slips a pair of scissors into his possession. He’s a survivor after all; he needs protection.

Sister Ruth finally introduces Father Bryce to Assassin Chucky. Never mind how hard she tries to get him to see the doll as the resurrected Lord, it doesn't work. She takes the doll and leaves. And in the school’s library, a showdown occurs. Assassin Chucky and the Colonel face off, except brains beats strength. The Colonel poisons the box of wafers Assassin Chucky has been gorging on: “Arsenic. Special family recipe.” It’s a drawn out death, with Assassin Chucky letting out pained choking before keeling over. When Sister Ruth finds the body, she is beyond devastated; she wants revenge. That Dr. Mixter sees this loyalty can only mean trouble. Then the doc gets a call. She talks with Chucky-Prime. Kyle, Nica, and Glenda are all speeding towards Incarnate Lord. From their conversation, it seems Chucky-Prime plans to use one of the dolls at the school to escape Nica’s body.

All the kids meet in Jake and Devon’s room. Lexy is the one against the plan to let the Colonel just walk in. Nadine’s (Bella Higginbotham) kleptomania comes in handy though. She has a collection of weapons to use. Lexy can only see how this will backfire. It doesn’t help that her body is jittery from drug withdrawal. Which is where Good Chucky’s “goodness” starts cracking. He helps Lexy by giving her pills.

Snap Out of It, Charlie

chucky season 2 episode 6 nadine lexy devon jake

The Colonel arrives like the kids planned. But they don’t know if they could have taken him on, because he falls down dead. In his last breaths, the Brando-speaking doll utters war cries before slipping into a full-on Apocalypse Now reference. A pair of scissors are in the back of his skull. Andy might be injured badly, but he got his revenge. Then he sees Good Chucky and is bewildered. He pushes past the kids but before killing this final doll, Dr. Mixter enters. She points a gun, takes Good Chucky, and locks everyone up in the room. It’s here Dr. Mixter reveals another bit of backstory. Not only was she Charlie Lee Ray’s child therapist, she played a part in making him into a monster. She saw “a naïveté that wasn’t surprising in a child, but frankly, as your therapist, I found it boring. I did my best to stamp it out of you.”

A lot happens in the final four minutes. Mixter, proven to be an ace on-the-spot liar, is approached by Bryce and Catherine. When Good Chucky starts begging for help, Mixter treats it like a ventriloquist act. Which works for a very short period, because Good Chucky struggles out of her grip, causing her to shoot Catherine in the arm. It’s a non-lethal wound, thankfully. But a death knell will ring before the credits roll. Andy and Mixter confront one another. She dodges a blade in his hand, but Andy manages to push them both down a staircase. It’s a rash decision on his part, allowing Mixter the upper hand to knock him out. Father Bryce is by Catherine’s side, but he hardly cares for her injury. He doesn’t want to call the police; he wants to order an exorcism.

Nadine chases after Good Chucky, who runs from the chaos, all the way to a tower balcony. After his amateur baptism in the last episode, Nadine is his godmother. She just wants to comfort him. When he asks, “Do you know what fairies like to do?” Nadine matches his child-like wonder. She opens her arms to hug him and that’s when Good Chucky reverts to the dark side. “They like to fly,” he answers, tossing Nadine over the edge to her death. Lexy sees it, horrified. And there is Nadine, dead, having landed in the arms of a statue made very unholy with the girl’s blood. Bella Higginbotham, new addition to the Chucky universe, will be missed. Her role could have only been played for laughs, as the goody-two-shoes kleptomaniac but Higginbotham brought an endearing character to life. The surviving kids are rightfully horrified; so too is Good Chucky. He returns to his good side, not able to comprehend why he did the murder. Devon knew it was possible. Jake fought hard to go against. And now they have blood on their hands.