‘Firestarter’ Just Got an Unexpected Box Office Boost from ‘Jurassic World Dominion’

by Susan Ryant

One of the first things I tend to do on a Monday morning is check the box office results for the weekend, with Box Office Mojo being my personal go-to for that sort of thing. This past weekend’s chart was of course dominated by Jurassic World Dominion , but one film I was surprised to see in the #8 spot on the domestic chart was Blumhouse’s Firestarter remake.

Directed by Keith Thomas, the new Firestarter adaptation was released in theaters and streaming on Peacock back on May 13, and it has oddly experienced a notable spike nearly a month later. According to Box Office Mojo, Firestarter made an additional $859,850 between Friday, June 10 and Monday, June 13, numbers the film hasn’t posted since last month.

This despite the film only playing in 150 theaters across the United States over the weekend! Firestarter has now made $9.3 million here in the States and $14.2 million worldwide.

These numbers are certainly surprising at this stage in Firestarter’s run, as the film is on its way out of theaters entirely. So what the hell is the explanation here, you ask?

Well, it looks like Universal made the decision to pair Firestarter with Jurassic World Dominion in select drive-ins this past weekend, a “double feature” package deal that on paper strapped turbo boosters to Firestarter’s back. Whether or not anyone stayed to watch Firestarter, I suppose, is irrelevant, as the double feature deal put some extra money into the film’s pockets.

The Firestarter re-adaptation is now a bit richer thanks to Jurassic World Dominion, even if the statistics there are incredibly deceiving. In other words, Firestarter didn’t actually pull in over $800,000 on its own over the weekend – rather, that’s how much Jurassic World Dominion made in those select theaters, a portion of which goes to Firestarter – but perception is reality!

An interesting strategy, and one that’s not uncommon in Hollywood.

Jurassic World Dominion


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