Infinity Pool Teaser Shows Mia Goth's Scream-Worthy Performance

by Penny Parkes

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  • 'Infinity Pool' Teaser Presents Another Scream-Worthy Mia Goth Performance

The Brandon Cronenberg-directed horror thriller releases this Friday.

infinity-pool-poster-mia-goth-alexander-skarsgard Image via Neon

There are so many exciting horror films just around the fright-filled corner in 2023. The next one up for genre fans is Infinity Pool directed by Brandon Cronenberg . This crazed-looking horror thriller starring Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgård releases in theaters everywhere this Friday, but first, Infinity Pool is premiering at the Sundance Film Festival. The first in-person Sundance since the pandemic in 2020. Now to mark the celebratory and spooky occasion, Infinity Pool released a new teaser that puts Goth’s eerie antagonist front and center.

The 30-second teaser doesn’t give us any more insight into the plot of the film, but if you're a Goth fan the new footage here will send chills down your helpless spine. Horror fans thought that Goth’s breakout performances in both X and Pearl last year would be the extent of the talented actress’ gleeful madness, but we were dead wrong. Goth plays Gabi in Infinity Pool who seems like just an innocent local that Skarsgård’s James and his girlfriend Em (Cleopatra Coleman) run into while on their remote island vacation. However, this is a horror movie and, when it comes to Goth’s brilliant performances, it’s never that simple. As this teaser creepily shows off, Gabi’s a psychopath who’s a part of this cult-like island community. All we know about her is that she loves laughing and screaming while she guns down her victims. Goth became a modern “Scream Queen” last year thanks to the first two films in Ti West’s X trilogy. Infinity Pool looks to flip Goth’s new horror status on its head and cement the actress as a genre icon.

If Goth’s nightmare-inducing performance wasn’t enough, this teaser also gives a great new look at Cronenberg’s endlessly thick and suffocatingly killer atmosphere. The cinematography in Infinity Pool looks to be twisting horror fans’ minds to their limit. There are so many haunting new shots in this footage like the camera slowly tilting as James and Em walk to their misleading sun-soaked destination, James disturbingly sitting on the beach in the pouring rain, and another unsettling shot of a person wearing what appears to be the cult’s skin masks.

Alexander Skarsgard against a concrete wall Image via NEON

However, on further inspection, these might not be masks after all as it looks to be a part of the person's face. This film's central body horror hook, which the Cronenberg family is known for, is all about cloning. James and Em are forced into cloning themselves after they get involved in a fatal accident. If they don’t clone themselves, they face the death penalty. These Texas Chainsaw -inspired “monsters” that we’ve seen throughout the film’s marketing may be the failed clones or just the grizzly aftermath of the cloning process.

Whatever the case may be, Cronenberg and Goth look to traumatize moviegoers all over again with Infinity Pool. The body horror thriller hits theaters on Friday, January 27. Tickets are on sale now, and you can watch the new atmospheric teaser down below.