Interview: Wolf Like Me Creator Abe Forsythe

by Natalie Kiser

There is a new series that is something truly special. Available on Peacock this coming Thursday, Wolf Like Me is something truly special. With all six episodes written and directed by Abe Forsythe (Little Monsters), you’ll find the show may not be what you expect. The series introduces us to Gary and Mary, a couple that appears to be destined to be together. Yet things are never what they seem. Josh Gad is superb as Gary, and Isla Fisher gives a stunning performance as Mary. There is much to admire in this work, and you have to credit Mr. Forsythe for creating such a beautifully rich and incredibly sweet tale, one that is wholly original.

We recently sat down to speak with both Josh Gad and Isla Fisher, as well as the man behind this terrific show. And after speaking to Abe, it was clear why it felt so honest and heartfelt. He opened up about the inspiration that helped build the new series and bring in such a talented cast. Abe is a very talented actor and filmmaker, and I hope to see another season of this smart and compellingly unique love story. I also have to mention the stunning work of Ariel Joy Donoghue who plays Josh Gad’s daughter. Trust me when I say, there’s nothing else on television like Wolf Like Me, and it’s well worth visiting when it premieres this Thursday, January 13th on Peacock.