Jennifer Garner Shows Off Fancy Footwork In Instagram Video; Could You Keep Up?

by Natalie Kiser

“I’m winded watching that.” – Gwyneth Paltrow.

April 28, 2022 | 7:00 a.m. CDT

Jennifer Garner smiles broadly at a movie premiere (Featureflash Photo Agency/

Jennifer Garner took to Instagram to show off a pretty intense workout, and her friends and followers are giving their thoughts on the high-energy routine, and whether or not they could keep up with the actress. 

Garner’s Birthday Post For Personal Trainer

Garner posted the video to celebrate the birthday of her personal trainer, Beth Nicely. “Happy birthday, you beautiful little devil,” the actress captioned the video. In the clip, Garner and Nicely quickly jump on and off of small boxes in front of them, twisting and crossing their legs. 

“Thank you, amazing Jen!” Nicely replied in the comments section. “Love you very much.” More of Garner’s friends commented on the video, as well, applauding her abilities. Gwyneth Paltrow wrote, “​​I’m winded watching that.” Rita Wilson commented, “I have to go back to bed now.”

Fans of Garner also loved the high-energy video. One person commented, “I would totally trip!” Another wrote, “Jennifer when do you rest.” Someone else gave Garner some workout advice, writing, “Omg take it easy. Your knees have to last a long time. I learned the hard way.”

The Actress’ Workout Routine

Garner frequently posts videos about her workout routine. In a recent Instagram story, the actress posted a clip of her jumping on and off of a box while holding a dumbbell. In addition to jumping up and down, Garner also did spins and jumped on one leg while getting onto the box. 

Nicely spoke to Shape earlier this year about her training sessions with Garner, sharing details about how she and the actress celebrate Garner’s birthday every year with a workout session. 

“The tradition is that whatever age you’re turning, we do that number of reps in an exercise,” the personal trainer explained. When talking about the box-jumping part of the workout routine, Nicely said, “A lot of people worry about the impact on their joints and fear that it is dangerous to jump as they age. As a NASM-certified trainer and corrective exercise specialist, I can assure you that jumping is essential to bone health.”

Another one of the trainers Garner works with, Simone De La Rue, said that Garner constantly changes up her workout plan. “She trains four to five days a week when she’s not prepping for a movie,” De La Rue told Women’s Health . “We’ll do something that’s traditional strength training, and the next minute we’ll be dancing to build agility and core strength.” 

The trainer also shared that, when she and Garner train, they are “never doing one thing” and that Jennifer “does everything, which is incredible.” While most people don’t enjoy following a fitness regimen, Garner’s Instagram videos show that the actress and her personal trainer really enjoy working out together — even when it looks hard.

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