Jessica Alba Swears By This Exfoliating Powder Cleanser For Smooth, Radiant Skin (And It’s TSA-Friendly!)

by Natalie Kiser

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Traveling is hard on your skin. Not only do new environments, sleep schedules, and foods throw off your skin’s natural balance, but TSA requirements also make it difficult to bring along your go-to skincare products if you don’t check a bag. 

Luckily, Jessica Alba has a solution for balanced, glowing skin that you can also that is perfect for traveling as well.

It’s A Cleanser, It’s A Exfloliater, And It’s A Powder!

Straight from Alba’s beauty line Honest, this revolutionary cleanser starts out as a powder that turns into a foamy exfoliator when mixed with water. Besides getting more bang for your buck, the vegan formula is designed to gently cleanse while detoxifying pores for a clean, flawless complexion.

The Skin Sweep Exfoliating Powder Cleanser combines heavy-hitting ingredients with a featherlight, refreshing formula. Sea salt concentrate acts as a natural exfoliant that whisks away dead, dry skin cells. 

Meanwhile, kaolin clay helps absorb excess oil and smooths the skin. The clay has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe stressed, tired skin. Some studies even show that kaolin clay can increase collagen levels, reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging. 

Honest Beauty Skin Sweep Exfoliating Powder Cleanser. (Honest Beauty)
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The exfoliant is gentle enough for everyday use, and the sea salt mixture delivers essential minerals to the skin while you scrub. Moreover, this powerful cleanser works on all skin types, textures, and sensitivities. 

The all-natural, effective formula stands on its own as a worthy addition to your skincare line—but that’s not even the best part.

Gentle, Effective, And TSA-Approved

Because Skin Sweep Exfoliating Powder Cleanser is water-activated, it’s technically a dry powder. This means that you can carry this 1.4 oz jar through TSA with no problem. Toss your Skin Sweep into your personal item, and you can refresh your face at any point in your travels—even in a cramped airline bathroom. 

All you need to use this potent cleanser is a little bit of water, hot or cold. Shake about a teaspoon of product into your palm, add a splash of water, and start scrubbing. Adding less water will provide a stronger exfoliant effect while adding more water will create a smooth, foamy lather. 

Skin Sweep isn’t just handy for getting through the TSA line. This product is also great for camping, hiking, or everyday use. The dry formula ensures that you can tote your Skin Sweep in your purse without the risk of goopy, messy spills. 

Of course, no vacation packing list is complete without sunscreen! Jessica Alba topped her freshly exfoliated skin with her Honest Beauty Self Defense Protecting Mineral Sunscreen. The hypoallergenic and reef-friendly formula provides 34 SPF sun protection while defending against environmental stressors. Packaged in a convenient 1 fluid ounce bottle, this skin-nourishing sunscreen is also travel-ready.

Honest Beauty's Self Defense Protecting Mineral Sunscreen is packed with skin-loving benefits. (Honest Beauty)
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Now that you’re in on Alba’s secrets, you can hop on that last-minute flight and know that your skin will look fresh, bright, and clear all vaca long.

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