Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Shego, The Pink Power Ranger, And 22 More TV And Movie Characters Who Were Millennials' First Crushes

by Ricardo Johnson


"I saw Titanic twice in theaters as an 8-year-old. I cut out the newspaper picture of the film on the movie page and put a picture of my face over Rose’s, LOL. I bought the Romeo + Juliet VHS around the same time and watched it an unbelievable amount of times. Pretty sure I had that movie memorized line for line, which helped in high school when studying Shakespeare, LMAO. NOBODY topped Leo for me. Oh, and the movie The Beach wasn’t bad either." —littlestella

"Leo was my first celebrity crush too. When the Scholastic Book Fair came to my elementary school, I saw this Leonardo DiCaprio magazine and I HAD to have it. Unfortunately, I don’t have the copy I got as a kid, but I recently found one on eBay and once again HAD to have it!" —anniepoonannie1988