Kourtney Kardashian wore Dolce & Gabbana to her Portofino, Italy wedding

by Susan Ryant

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker ended up having three weddings. One “practice” wedding in Las Vegas, one civil ceremony in California, and then this weekend’s “real” wedding in Italy. They married in Portofino, Italy, and the whole family and friend-group traveled to the seaside city for several days. All of Kourtney’s sisters were there, so were all of Kourtney’s nieces and nephews. Kourtney’s kids and Travis’s kids (and his stepdaughter) were there and his bandmates came out.

The bride and groom wore Dolce Gabbana. For Kourtney, that meant a lingerie-looking minidress and a long veil with stitching based on one of Travis’s tattoos. Andrea Bocelli performed at the ceremony. Before the actual wedding service, Kardashian-Jenners were all over Portofino, doing special dinners, lunches, dance parties. Most of the festivities actually took place within the Dolce Gabbana “complex of properties” called L’Ulivetta. That’s apparently where the family stayed. Which also explains why it feels like this wedding was sponsored by Dolce Gabbana.

I’m including photos from the pre-wedding festivities too. All of the K-Js looked so bad and so trashy! It was sort of funny and embarrassing. This American family flies out to one of the most beautiful and scenic cities in Italy and they all looked like the wrath of God.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram.