‘Magic Crepe’ Is The Smoothing, Flattering Fabric Your Wardrobe Has Been Missing

by Natalie Kiser

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Different fabrics evoke different feelings. Linen is breezy, while velvet is plush and warm. A satin shirt feels sexier than a denim one, and so on. New York Company’s recent dress line features a different fabric all-star: crepe. 

New York Company’s Magic Crepe line boasts a wide variety of timeless sheath dresses in versatile crepe. The Magic Crepe fabric is stretchy, slimming, and sleek. The wrinkle-free fabric smooths and hugs curves, flattering all body types. 

Magic Crepe can effortlessly transition from day to night. And thanks to its lightweight, breathable feel, it’s actually comfortable enough to do so. 

Here are some of our favorite Magic Crepe looks.

Floral-Print Sheath Dress

New York Company Floral-Print Magic Crepe Sheath Dress (New York Company)
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At the top of our Magic Crepe round-up is this elegant floral print sheath dress in eye-catching Scuba Blue. The smattering of pink flowers at the neck and hemline add a touch of modernity to the classic silhouette. 

Not only is the dress gorgeous on its own, but its multicolor palette makes accessorizing a breeze. Lean into the blues one day, and try sticking with pinks and purples on the next. You can get multiple unique styles out of this one stunning piece.

Puff-Sleeve Sheath Dress

New York Company Puff-Sleeve Magic Crepe sheath dress (New York Company)
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New York Company’s puff-sleeve sheath dress is the perfect solution for those who want a bit more upper body coverage during the warmer months. Even though the modest sleeves extend to the elbow, the Magic Crepe fabric keeps you cool and comfortable. 

This Magic Crepe dress is currently available in Sunny Day, a vibrant shade of sunshine yellow, and Pink. Monochromatic palettes can serve as a blank canvas for various color combos and other styling options.

Bow-Waist Sheath Dress

New York Company Bow-Tie Waist Magic Crepe sheath dress (New York Company)
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Part of what makes a sheath dress so versatile is its simplicity. These pieces can be as dressed up or down as you prefer. But if you’re leaning toward the former, this bow-waist sheath dress is a good place to start. 

The draping bow feature accentuates full hips and adds extra volume to those with narrow hips and legs. In classic black, the eye-catching detail serves as more of an optical illusion than an eye-catching statement. No muss, no fuss—Magic Crepe’s M.O.

Belted Mock-Neck Sheath Dress

New York Company Mock-Neck Sleeveless Magic Crepe Sheath Dress (New York Company)
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Our final favorite look from New York Company’s Magic Crepe line is this belted mock-neck sheath dress. Available in vivid green opal, regal ming blue, and pretty lilac, this dress is the perfect year-round wardrobe staple. 

The high mock-neck acts as a blank canvas for statement earrings and necklaces. Meanwhile, the monochromatic belt cinches your figure at your natural waist. When the weather gets cooler, this dress looks fantastic (and stays cool—thanks, no sleeves) under blazers and cardigans. 

Lots of fabrics claim to be universally flattering, but Magic Crepe is one of the few that lives up to its hype. Stop suffering through stuffy, itchy, uncomfortable fabrics that only seem to work in one specific part of the day. 

New York Company’s sophisticated sheaths are slimming, sexy, wrinkle-resistant, and lightweight. It isn’t magic; it’s Magic Crepe.

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