Meghan Markle Allegedly Struggling To Hire Or Retain Staff Amid ‘Abusive Bully’ Rumors, Royal Gossip Says

by Natalie Kiser

The Sussex business is apparently collapsing.

June 7, 2022 | 9:00 a.m. CDT

meghan markle smiling in a white dress and hat (Daniel Leal - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Is Meghan Markle impossible to work for? One tabloid claims the Duchess of Sussex can’t keep a staff amid rumors that she’s an “abusive bully.” Let’s take a look at the latest installment in the “Duchess Difficult” saga.

Meghan Markle’s Staff ‘Abandoning Ship’?

The latest edition of the Globe reports Meghan Markle is an irredeemable bully, incapable of treating her staffers with any respect. The article begins by revealing that Markle’s PR head Toya Holness has parted ways with the royals, giving way to rumors that Markle is difficult to work for. It also notes that the Sussexes lost Catherine St-Laurent as director of their non-profit just last year. “These two make it a dozen staffers who quit Meghan in just the four years since she tied the knot with Harry in May 2018,” an insider charges.

“That’s a lot and promotes talk the duchess is Boss From Hell, who abuses staffers despite pushing a woke agenda in public.” Markle has vehemently denied any wrongdoing since complaints about her behavior first surfaced in 2018. But sources say that the palace’s haphazard investigation into the claims failed to exonerate her. “It looks like The Firm is going to do nothing,” another tipster laments. “Meghan insists the bullying claims were a smear campaign, yet staffers keep quitting. It’s giving her another black eye.”

Is Meghan Markle The ‘Boss From Hell’?

People leave their jobs for plenty of reasons that don’t involve mistreatment. While Markle’s critics are inevitably going to come to this conclusion upon hearing about Holness’ departure, we have absolutely zero evidence to suggest Holness had an unpleasant experience in Markle’s employ.

It’s obvious that the tabloids had this story locked and loaded long before Holness jumped ship. But the problem is, no one has given a reason for Holness’ departure. The move is so fresh that Holness’ LinkedIn profile still said she’s the “Head of Communications at Archewell” days after this story’s publishing. This rumor is wildly premature. And the tabloid’s glaring bias against Meghan Markle makes it impossible to trust anywhere the duchess is concerned.

The Tabloid On Meghan Markle

Of course, we can tell from the Globe‘s past reporting on Markle that it was never going to treat her fairly. Last year, the magazine accused Prince Harry and Markle of stiffing a charity to the tune of $110K. Then the outlet reported Harry and Markle were “neighbors from hell.” And more recently, the publication alleged Harry was “trapped” in a “life he hates” by Markle. Obviously, the Globe has it out for the Duchess of Sussex.

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