Mythic Quest Season 3 Cast and Character Guide

by Susan Ryant

Time has just flown by fast since we last checked in with our favorite dysfunctional group of video game developers at Mythic Quest HQ! Fortunately, the hit Apple TV+ series, aptly named Mythic Quest , is returning for its third season, which premieres on Friday, November 11, 2022. Created by Charlie Day , Megan Ganz , and Rob McElhenney , the series revolves around the Mythic Quest team as they work on the insanely popular MMORPG of the same name. After a highly successful launch, the studio’s goal to produce more content for the game proves to be super difficult as tensions arise between team members and the game’s fanbase.

After two hilarious seasons, which managed to be very dramatic at times too, a lot has changed for the Mythic Quest team members, both personally and professionally. With that in mind, check out our handy cast and character guide below for a refresher on where we left everyone off and who plays who in this fun series!

Rob McElhenney as Ian Grimm

mythic-quest-season-3-rob-mcelhenney-charlotte-nicado Image via Apple TV+

Ian was the creative director at Mythic Quest HQ, being the original creator of the game. He is impressively over-confident and has a massive ego, seeing himself as the big boss in charge of the studio, which makes him butt heads with everyone else involved, particularly Poppy and David. As we slowly learn though, deep down, Ian is not a bad guy. He cares a lot about his co-workers, who have become his family, though he often struggles to show this. This attitude is the same with his ex-wife and son, whom he financially supports but finds difficult to connect with on a personal level. Over the last two seasons, Poppy has become his emotional anchor during harder times as the two gain more respect for one another. Season 2 finished with the pair leaving Mythic Quest HQ to create a new videogame studio.

Rob McElhenney is best known for his role as Mac in the long-running TV series It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia , which he also created. More recently, he has starred in the sports documentary series Welcome to Wrexham alongside Ryan Reynolds .

Charlotte Nicdao as Poppy Li

mythic-quest-charlotte-nicdao-social-featured Image via Apple TV+

Poppy was the lead engineer behind Mythic Quest, working around the clock to ensure the coding of the game and its new expansion were both correct and on track for release. Like Ian, she has a bit of an ego problem and can be very rude to her team, seeing herself as the person forced to fix everyone else’s mistakes. Again, like Ian, Poppy is not a bad person, but her behavior is a product of the highly stressful work environment. Poppy and the team rarely get recognition for their hard work bringing the game to life, so when drastic last-minute decisions are continually made, greatly increasing their workload, tensions run high.

Season 2 saw Poppy become more confident in the workplace, doing her best to change her attitude towards her team and help them get the recognition they deserve. She also gets a promotion to co-creative director thanks to forming a stronger friendship with Ian, which results in them leaving the studio to create their own.

Charlotte Nicdao has recently appeared in the Australian comedy series Get Krack!n , as well as lent her voice to animated shows such as Adventure Time: Distant Lands and The Strange Chores .

David Hornsby as David Brittlesbee

mythic-quest-season-3-david-hornsby Image via AppleTV+

David is the executive producer at Mythic Quest HQ who, unlike his co-workers, has no ego problem. He’s actually quite friendly and down-to-earth…most of the time at least, but that’s another story. At work though, he lacks self-confidence in his ability to make decisions for the studio, and if he finally does, it is often undermined anyway. Despite his high position in the studio (actually being Ian’s boss before he departed), no one sees David as a figure of authority. In a lot of ways, David is the glue that holds the team together, doing all he can to navigate and resolve the feuds between people and departments to ensure a stable work environment. It doesn’t work out often, but it’s the effort that counts! Season 2 puts David through the wringer as he struggles to deal with his divorce, as well as the departure of many team members. Heading into the next season, David will have the difficult task of building up a new team and revitalizing the studio.

Being another It’s Always Sunny alum, David Hornsby has portrayed the recurring character of Rickety Cricket on the series. Recently, he also played Leslie "Boomer" Peterson on Good Girls and Dana on Idiotsitter .

Ashly Burch as Rachel

mythic-quest-season-3-ashly-burch-imani-hakim Image via AppleTV+

Rachel was one half of Mythic Quest HQ’s resident game-testing team. She loved her job but couldn’t help but feel that she was stuck in a loop, day in and day out. Rachel wanted to prove herself worthy of taking on more responsibility at the studio and this is where we found her in Season 2. Rachel hooked up with her game-testing partner, Dana, and together they helped each other forge unexpected new career paths. By the season’s end, knowing that she wanted to become a writer, Rachel decided to leave the studio and pursue her goal to go study at Berkeley.

Though she’s dabbled in live-action roles, Ashly Burch is no stranger to voice acting. In video games, she has played popular characters such as Aloy in the Horizon Zero Dawn series and Tiny Tina in the Borderlands series. On TV, she also recently voiced Ash Graven in Final Space .

Imani Hakim as Dana

mythic-quest-season-3-imani-hakim-rob-mcelhenney Image via AppleTV+

Dana was the other half of Mythic Quest HQ’s game-testing team, though, unlike Rachel, she’s gotten to experiment with a few other jobs within the studio. The first was being handpicked to pose as an influencer/game streamer, despite being a studio employee, before being outed by fans. After starting to date Rachel in Season 2, Dana also got to work on her own mobile game called Grouchy Goat, before its development got scrapped due to too many issues. Fortunately, the game’s difficult production had a silver lining to it by the season’s end. Like Rachel, Dana also left the studio to pursue programming classes, paid for by Ian and Poppy after they saw her commitment to bringing Grouchy Goat to life.

Imani Hakim is perhaps best known for her role as Tonya Rock on the TV series Everybody Hates Chris . She has also recently appeared in films such as Sollers Point and Burning Sands .

Jessie Ennis as Jo

mythic-quest-season-3-jessie-ennis Image via AppleTV+

When the series began, Jo was Mythic Quest HQ’s newest employee, being hired as David’s assistant. However, her rude and argumentative nature did not gel well with him, especially as she clearly respected Ian far more than David. In Season 2, Jo became Brad’s assistant instead, as they both matched better personality-wise. However, this swap led to Jo becoming mixed up in a feud between Brad and his brother Zack (Parvesh Cheena), a corporate raider who wants to ruin the studio by manipulating its stocks. After Jo is tricked by Zack into buying stocks, unknowingly committing insider trading, the season ended with Brad taking the fall for her.

Jessie Ennis has had recurring roles on TV shows such as Better Call Saul and The Flight Attendant . She also starred in the films Superintelligence and Valley Girl .

Danny Pudi as Brad Bakshi

mythic-quest-danny-pudi-jessie-ennis Image via Apple TV+

Speaking of Brad, he was the head of monetization at Mythic Quest HQ. Determined to do whatever he could to make the game more profitable, Brad wasn’t afraid to go behind his co-workers’ backs to get the outcome he wanted. In simpler terms, he’s a greedy schemer, though he remains oddly enjoyable to watch on screen!

Despite his antagonist demeanor, Season 2 showed us that Brad isn’t entirely the money-hungry employee he makes himself out to be. We learn more about his difficult childhood with an abusive father, as well as the rocky relationship with his older brother, Zack, who still loves to torment him. When Zack tries to take down the studio by manipulating Jo into buying stocks, Brad steps in to take the fall for her and save the studio, as a result of which he now faces prison time.

Danny Pudi is best known for his role as Abed Nadir on the TV series Community . More recently, he voiced Huey Duck in the rebooted DuckTales animated series. He has also starred in films such as The Argument and Flora Ulysses .

F. Murray Abraham as C.W. Longbottom (Seasons 1 2)

mythic-quest-f-murray-abraham-ashly-burch Image via Apple TV+

C.W. is the head writer at Mythic Quest HQ, despite being out of his element when it comes to video games. He was once an award-winning science-fiction writer, though we learn that this wasn’t exactly an honest win for many reasons. Afterward, his career quickly went south, and he never quite recovered. In the studio, C.W. spends his days drinking and rarely contributing to the game. In Season 2, the show further explored C.W.’s backstory in a pair of surprisingly dramatic episodes. The first showcases C.W.’s early career in the 1970s, leading up to his award win. The second, set in the present day, focuses on his awkward reunion with an old colleague, Peter, who he hadn’t spoken to for 40 years because he "stole" the love of his life.

F. Murray Abraham exited the series prior to filming Season 3, so it remains unclear how C.W.’s character will be written out or if he could appear in a guest role moving forward. He is currently starring in the second season of The White Lotus . Additionally, he recently appeared in the film Things Heard Seen and voiced Khonshu in the Marvel TV series Moon Knight .

Caitlin McGee as Sue Gorgon

caitlin-mcgee-home-economics Image via ABC

Sue is the impressively upbeat and friendly community manager at Mythic Quest HQ who handles all player feedback on the game. Oddly enough, much of the time it seems like the extremely rude feedback is addressed directly to Sue, rather than about the game, but this doesn’t faze her. Under the surface though, her co-workers think that her overly positive attitude is a way to repress all her anger from these messages. Either way, this makes for some very awkwardly funny scenes in how she describes her role in the company and her relationship with the players.

Caitlin McGee has recently starred in films such as Standing Up, Falling Down and Plus One . She currently has a lead role as Sarah on the TV series Home Economics .

Naomi Ekperigin as Carol

mythic-quest-season-3-naomi-ekperigin Image via AppleTV+

Carol is the head of HR at Mythic Quest HQ. Though she tries to always stay professional, her co-workers often see her as the team therapist instead, going to her for all their personal problems rather than work ones. This often leads to her getting roped into a mix of both silly and serious situations that she is stuck trying to resolve. Naomi Ekperigin has starred in the Netflix films Yes Day and Me Time . She has also lent her voice to characters in Family Guy and Central Park .