Selena Gomez Did A Spot-On Impression Of Miley Cyrus During Her "SNL" Monologue

by Ricardo Johnson

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"Hell yeah, I'm Miley Cyrus."

She kicked off her clever opening monologue with a joke about her famous costars.

Selena Gomez saying, quot;I actually started acting when I was seven, and I#x27;ve been lucky enough to work with some Hollywood icons, like Steve Martin, Martin Short... and Barney.quot;


She said she asked a few of her famous friends for advice, including fellow Disney alumna Miley Cyrus. This gave Selena a chance to bust out her Miley impression which was, frankly, shocking in its accuracy.

Selena Gomez saying, quot;I asked one of my oldest friends, Miley Cyrus, and she said... *Miley voice* #x27;Just be yourself and have fun.#x27;quot;


She only did a couple of sentences as Miley, but if you closed your eyes, you might think that Miley had somehow teleported into the studio.

Side-by-side photos of Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus


Selena admitted that the monologue was a transparent excuse to show off her impression, but we'd all do the same thing in her shoes.

Selena Gomez saying, quot;I was like, #x27;Miley, is that just an excuse for me to do an impression of you on the show?#x27; And she said, #x27;Hell yeah. I#x27;m Miley Cyrus.#x27;quot;


She wrapped up the monologue by joking about looking for love at SNL, and cited some famous couples who met on the show.

Selena Gomez saying, quot;I#x27;ve heard that SNL is a great place to find romance. Emma Stone met her husband here, Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost, Pete and... Machine Gun Kelly.quot;