Taste The Cuisines Of The World In Your Own Kitchen With This Clever Meal Kit

by Natalie Kiser

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Summertime seems synonymous with fun vacations and relaxing evenings on the porch. The warm air is inviting for good food with good company, whether that is enjoying authentic pasta in Italy or whipping up Korean BBQ for your dinner party. So whether you’re traveling to a different country or your own backyard this summer, eat2explore has got you covered.

eat2explore is an experiential cooking kit subscription service unlike any other. True to its name, eat2explore goes far beyond just food. It wants to guide your family through a culinary, worldwide journey. Its easy-to-follow recipes with all the essential spices and sauces allow you to explore new flavors and dishes from around the globe.

Not only does this broaden cultural understanding and appreciation, but it also tastes great. If you have upcoming travel plans, eat2explore is a great way to sample a country’s cuisine ahead of time. Conversely, eat2explore is fantastic for those with busy schedules unable to accommodate travel or who want to recreate dishes from a past travel experience.

From Greece to Singapore to Brazil, you can learn about and create the flavors from over 21 countries without leaving your kitchen.

How It Works

eat2explore cooking kits with spice and sauce mixes, passport, and other collectibles (eat2explore)

Each eat2explore kit contains three 4-serving recipes, pre-measured spice and sauce mixes, a shopping list for fresh produce, a country brochure, an activity sheet, a country sticker, a flag pin, and a fun collectible. Every recipe is suitable for ages five and up, making this an invaluable bonding opportunity for the whole family.

From a user perspective, eat2explore works similarly to other subscription services. Simply choose your subscription preference, wait for your delivery, and dig in. eat2explore will send one comprehensive cooking kit from a different country to your doorstep per month.

You can opt for a monthly subscription with no strings attached at $24.95 a box. Or you can pre-order up to a year’s worth of food kits for only $21.20/box. The longer your package, the greater your discount will be. Subscriptions renew automatically, and you can cancel or pause at any time.

Delicious Dinners From Every Corner Of The Globe

eat2explore global cooking kits, Lebanese recipe (eat2explore)

eat2explore lets you take the reins on your culinary exploration. Let eat2explore broaden your horizons with its monthly featured countries, or mix and match your adventure by purchasing an individual country’s box. From Lebanon to Peru to Japan, there are plenty of corners of the globe to eat—er, explore.

Dig into traditional UK cuisine with Shepherd’s pie, a delicious comfort food blend of potatoes, meat, and veggies. The Brazilian food kit has its own version of savory, cozy comfort food—feijoada, a national dish of black beans and meat. Or, sample the bold flavors of Singaporean chicken satay with homemade peanut dipping sauce. 

You don’t even have to “leave” the country if you don’t want to—eat2explore offers American cuisine, too. Try a traditional Maryland crab cake or American-Italian eggplant parm from New England. South of the Mason-Dixon line, you can enjoy Cajun blackened fish or down-home BBQ chicken.

A Unique And Thoughtful Gift

eat2explore cooking kit gift set (eat2explore)

eat2explore is designed to be enjoyed year-round, making it the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and even Mother’s Day (hint, hint). Whether you have an aspiring chef or bonafide foodie in your life, an eat2explore subscription is a unique, thoughtful gift they can enjoy for years to come.

Thanks to chef-curated, family-friendly recipes, eat2explore is great for all ages. Moms of small kids and teens alike will enjoy the convenience, novelty, and invaluable bonding time making this unique meal provides. (Read: this includes grandparents, too!)

Of course, you don’t need a special occasion to enjoy eat2explore—an empty stomach and an open mind are all it takes. This cooking kit subscription service is excellent for families of all sizes, including single households who want to break out of the same old boring food rut. And really, the arrival of a new eat2explore box is cause for celebration as it is!

These tasty cooking kits offer much more than good eats. In addition to delicious food, eat2explore provides global education, tangible cooking skills, and a broadened palette.

Get The Foods Of The World At Your Doorstep Today

Family using eat2explore cooking kit at home (eat2explore)

International food is hard to come by in certain parts of the US. eat2explore eliminates this problem by bringing new cuisines straight to your door. You can opt for gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan options. Additionally, comprehensive ingredient lists and the option to omit certain ingredients allow you to make informed decisions regarding food allergies.

Moreover, eat2explore knows that sometimes, a little bit of familiarity is best. Each food kit provides non-perishable items, like spices. But you’ll supply the perishable meats, produce, and other ingredients. Since you get to do some shopping yourself, you can rest assured knowing your international meals have all of the elements you love (and none of the ones you don’t).

When it comes to cost, eat2explore is hard to beat. One-country boxes start at just $1.77 per serving. Good luck finding meals that cheap while abroad—or at home, for that matter. Considering country-specific spice blends and sauces can be the most expensive part of a meal, eat2explore truly stretches your dollar as far as possible.

Eating doesn’t have to be a chore you attend to three times a day. Turn mealtime into an adventure with eat2explore’s wide range of country-specific meal boxes. Learn to eat like a local before an upcoming trip or daydream of overseas vacays. 

Either way, you won’t be able to resist once you get a taste of what eat2explore has to offer. Start taste-testing and globe-trotting from the comfort of your own home today with eat2explore.