The DM: ‘The Princes and the Press’ is clearly pro-Meghan propaganda!

by Susan Ryant

Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day

As everyone knows, Kensington Palace cannot shut up about the BBC’s two-part documentary, The Princes and the Press. The documentary features in-depth interviews with many Royal Rota journalists, plus interviews with various “commentators” and former royal comms officials. Since so much of the story of where Harry and William diverged is about Harry falling in love with Meghan and the subsequent smear campaign directed at her, host Amol Rajan invited Meghan’s British lawyer, Jenny Afia, on the show for an interview. So far, Afia has not been on camera that much (in Part 1), but she did tell Rajan: “This narrative that no one could work for the Duchess of Sussex, that she was too difficult or demanding a boss, and that everyone had to leave, is just not true.” She also told Rajan that Meghan is “absolutely not” guilty of “bullying.” As you can imagine, KP, the royal commentators and Prince William have spun this into “this documentary is pro-Meghan propaganda!!”

The BBC’s controversial documentary The Princes and the Press was ‘very biased’ against Prince William and Prince Charles and painted a picture favourable to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, royal experts told MailOnline today. Angela Levin said it was telling that the corporation’s final interview of last night’s show – masterminded by republican BBC media editor Amol Rajan – was with the Duchess of Sussex’s British lawyer, while the Royal Family’s response was a written statement shown on screen.

Jenny Afia, Head of Legal at Schillings, who represents Meghan and was speaking with the Duchess’ permission insisted bullying claims printed about the Duchess were ‘false’ and said she rejected the ‘narrative’ that the former Suits actress was ‘difficult to work with’.

Ms Levin, a biographer of Prince Harry, said: ‘The ending of the documentary is always what stays with you and they chose to use Meghan’s lawyer to say that she wasn’t a bully, and she was wonderful to work with. It’s there you get the gist of what it was all about in my view. It’s very biased. Anti-William, anti-Charles and pro Meghan and Harry. If you allow a lawyer from one side to have their say then they must let the other side have their say. They haven’t done that and that’s in the BBC guidelines.’

When asked about the timing of the documentary, when Her Majesty is 95, has recently lost her husband and has been unwell herself, Levin said: ‘It’s absolutely shocking and very very wrong to have done it’, she said, adding: ‘It’s taken almost two years to produce and it is quite out of date. They are currently re-editing the second part ahead of its broadcast next Monday’.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams predicts that part two next Monday at 9pm on BBC2 will ‘undoubtedly worsen’ relations between the brothers and the BBC and Buckingham Palace. He said: ‘The second part will undoubtedly deal with the rift between the previously inseparable Princes and how the press covered it. This is a tragedy and has played out worldwide without, so far, any signs of being healed. The departure of the Sussexes from the ranks of senior working royals after so short a period, was disastrous for the institution. It was also significant that Meghan was represented in the programme by her lawyer who denied she had been “difficult or demanding” to work for. Some recollections, of course, may vary’.

[From The Daily Mail]

My guess is that Amol Rajan knew exactly what he was doing and how he wanted to present these interviews. One could even argue that Charles, William and the Queen’s “side” is being well-represented by the fart-sniffing, ass-covering journalists who act as their stenographers. William is not mad that he doesn’t have the “right of reply,” he’s mad that he couldn’t throw a tantrum and bully the BBC into changing this documentary or shutting it down.

In case you need all of this underlined, Richard Kay at the Daily Mail has now written a second screed against The Princes and the Press, highlighting (once again) that this is all a pro-Meghan conspiracy and how dare so-and-so not mention a thing which just happened two weeks ago (most of these interviews were conducted months ago, if not a full year ago). William and the palaces running around to friendly hacks (Kay, Becky English) to smear Meghan once again kind of proves the exact point of the documentary? But sure, go off.

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