The first trailer for Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in ‘Blonde’ is here

by Susan Ryant

The film adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’s Blonde was pretty chaotic. It’s still chaotic. Ana de Armas was cast as Marilyn Monroe years ago and I think the production wrapped a while back. I heard rumors that the studio tried to bury this whole mess for a while, and that there were concerns about Ana’s accent (she had a Cuban accent) and her general ability to play such an iconic American figure like Marilyn. The script was reportedly a huge mess too because… well, I guess they didn’t read the actual book. Oates’s Blonde is depressing as hell and she really leaned into the fact that Marilyn had significant mental health issues, that she was deeply unhappy for much of her life, and that everyone treated her like sh-t. I think they did some extensive re-edits and now it’s rated NC-17 and it will stream on Netflix. Here’s the first trailer (it’s just a vague teaser).

What’s painful is that… again, the book leans into the downer parts of Marilyn’s life, how her life was not glamorous in the least, that she was used and abused. This shows her crying prettily and then the famous Seven Year Itch skirt moment. Whew, how bad is this film? It feels like it’s going to be pretty rough.

Head over to @netflixqueue to hear from BLONDE star Ana de Armas and director Andrew Dominik:

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Photos courtesy of Netflix.