This Money Smart Lawyer Shares The Fine Print That FedEx ‘Doesn’t Want You To Know’

by Natalie Kiser

It’s all in the fine print.

April 28, 2022 | 4:35 p.m. CDT

FedEx packages can come with a money-back guarantee. (max.ku/

Erika Kullberg is back to share another one of her helpful money-saving tips. The money-savvy lawyer has blown up on social media with her clever videos featuring the tagline “she reads the small print so you don’t have to.”

From investing advice to details on how to save while traveling, including her video we detailed about what airlines don’t want you to know, Kullberg has numerous helpful tips.

The latest video to catch our eye was titled “What FedEx doesn’t want you to know,” and of course, we HAD to know.

FedEx’s Money-Back Guarantee

So, what are the juicy deets?

According to the video, if a package you send using FedEx is late, you are entitled to a refund or a credit. As Kullberg points out, according to FedEx terms, even if a package is 60 seconds late, the money-back guarantee still applies.

Whether you’re shipping your mom a present for mother’s day or getting important documents sent for a business venture, shipping times matter! This is especially true if you’re paying extra to ensure your package arrives on time.

To get a better idea of FedEx’s money-back guarantee, we took a closer look at their guidelines.

The Stipulations To Receive A Refund Or Credit

According to FedEx, shippers are entitled to request a refund or credit if a package missed the published or quoted delivery time, even by 60 seconds, for US and International Express orders. Note that this applies to Express orders, which are aimed at faster delivery times. Another key phrase here is “may request,” which means it is on the shipper to reach out to receive their refund or credit.

The money-back guarantee also applies to other shipping types as well, but the 60 seconds bit isn’t applicable in all situations. For example, FedEx Ground shipments can request a credit only, and that only applies if the package was not delivered on the standard scheduled delivery day.

Beyond the shipping type, other factors including holidays and account status can impact the money-back guarantee. As such, it’s a good idea to inquire with an employee or check out FedEx’s website for full details.

It’s also important to note that this guarantee only applies to the party shipping a package, not the one receiving. Although, if you are waiting for a package from a friend that is late, giving them a heads up is a lovely gesture!

So, give your girl Erika Kullberg a follow to find out all the secrets for saving money, making money, and getting as much out of a system that tries to hide things in the fine print.

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