Wednesday Episode 5 Recap: Time to Unbury the Past

by The Jiu Jitsu Tourist

After focusing on Wednesday ’s adventures in Nevermore Academy for three entire episodes, Episode 5 finally brings the family back together. Besides giving us another taste of Luis Guzmán as Gomez, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia, and Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley, “You Reap What You Woe” also allows Wednesday ( Jenna Ortega ) to confront her family about the Addams’ dark Nevermore past. And while Episode 5’s mystery might seem disconnected from the whole monster business, the episode further explores the past of key characters involved in covering the brutal murders.

Like every previous Wednesday episode, “You Reap What You Woe” uses a school event to put things into motion and flesh out the working of Nevermore. This time, Wednesday gets a taste of her first Family Weekend, when the proud parents of outcasts come to the school to see how their children are doing. It’s the perfect opportunity to solve the mystery of Gomez's murder accusation, the death of the normie who cause the Nightshades to disband, and the early unethical actions of Mayor Walker (Tommie Earl Jenkins). It also shows how Wednesday is not the only Nevermore student who has troubles with their family, as Enid (Emma Myers) and Bianca (Joy Sunday) must also suffer from the visit of their mothers.

An Addams Family Re-Encounter

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In the show's first episode, Tyler (Hunter Doohan) gives Wednesday Gomez’s old police file. Apparently, Wednesday's father was arrested when he was still a student in Nevermore, accused of murdering Garrett Gates (Lewis Hayes), a normie. Garrett was in love with Morticia, eventually leading him to challenge Gomez. The fight ended with Garrett getting his chest trespassed by a saber right at Nevermore, with Weems (Gwendoline Christie) being the first to find his body. Despite all the evidence pointing out to Gomez as the killer, a coroner's report dismissed his blame, getting Wednesday’s father out of jail. However, Sheriff Galpin (Jamie McShane) still believes Gomez is guilty. The Sheriff resents Gomez even more because Garrett’s death turned out to be the Gates family's ruin, as his father drank himself to death, his mother hanged herself, and his younger sister, Laurel, drowned after being sent to England.

In Episode 5, Weems uses Family Weekend to reach out to the Addams and talk about Wednesday’s disturbing behavior. As Weems explains, the young girl has been causing trouble since she got to Nevermore. Wednesday admits being a thorn in Weems' side but says she’s only defying authority and exposing the hypocrisy of people who insists on forging unstable alliances with bigots instead of defending outcasts. Weems then suggests the entire Addams family go to a therapy session with Dr. Kinbott (Riki Lindhome), who has been treating Wednesday as part of her court order.

During the session, Dr. Kinbott tries to pry the Addams open, and it’s with a lot of effort that Pugsley, Gomez, and Morticia confess to missing Wednesday in their mansion. However, Wednesday is unwilling to use therapy for any emotional breakthrough. Instead, she rubs Gomez’s police file on the family’s face, demanding they tell her the truth. The girl’s actions lead to another discussion with Morticia, who’s angry at her daughter for cornering her father like that. The therapy session ends abruptly, and it seems like the Addams Family will remain at an impasse. Fate, however, has a way of bringing people together.

Criminal Love

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Family Weekend turns for the worst when Jericho’s coroner commits suicide. In his suicide note, the coroner reveals he could no longer bear the guilt of falsifying documents in the Garrett Gates’ case. That’s all Sheriff Galpin needs to arrest Gomez in Nevermore, believing that justice has finally been served. On the other hand, Wednesday finds it suspicious that the coroner’s suicide happens just as she’s getting closer to the truth about the monster and is convinced that someone is trying to distract her. Nevertheless, Gomez is in jail, and her daughter will have to work extra hard to get him out of there.

Wednesday visits Gomez at the jail, taking a confession from her father. Gomez reveals Garrett was indeed in love with Morticia. However, when Morticia refused his attention, Garret became a stalker, following her everywhere she went and threatening to disrupt her life. Gomez and Morticia tried to go to the police, but their complaints were dismissed. So, one night, during the Rave’N, Garrett broke into Nevermore, saw Morticia kissing Gomez, and tried to kill the boy in his jealous rage. Gomez then defended himself against Garrett's attack, which led to his accidental death. It’s a credible story, but Wednesday knows what her father’s tells are and realizes he’s lying.

Wednesday then goes after her mother, finding Morticia at the secret library of the Nightshades. By confronting Morticia about Gomez’s lies, Wednesday finally gets the truth. On the night of the Rave’N, Garrett was so furious that he almost killed Gomez. It was Morticia who took the sword and ended up killing the boy. Gomez only took the blame to protect the woman he loved. As Morticia tells Wednesday, Garrett was not himself that night. He was so angry that he was foaming saliva and had his pupils dilated. Being the smart girl she is, Wednesday realizes Garrett’s behavior might have been caused by Nightshade poisoning, which means the boy was already dying before he was stabbed.

Willing to confirm her theory, Wednesday goes to the cemetery with Morticia, digging up Garrett’s corpse. As expected, there are traces of the purple Nightshade poison. Due to the desecration of Garrett’s grave, Wednesday and Morticia end up in the same jail as Gomez, but not before the girl can steal one of the corpse's fingers to have the proof she needs. In jail, Wednesday also gets a vision revealing the mystery to her. Garrett's father hated outcasts and forced his son to spike the Rave’N punch with Nightshade poison. Before Garrett commits mass murder in Nevermore, he fights with Gomez, stumbling against a wall and breaking the poison flask he had inside his coat. There was no crime because Garrett’s death was actually the fault of the poison, not the sword wound.

The following day, Morticia and Wednesday take the evidence to Mayor Walker, the Sheriff responsible for the case. Since Garrett's father was one of Jericho’s most powerful men, Walker covered up the boy’s poisoning so that no one learned about the attack on Nevermore. The Addams ladies force the Mayor to free Gomez and settle his score straight, promising to keep the secret from leaking out to the whole school. The crime-solving also allows Wednesday and Morticia to bond, with the mother letting her daughter know she’ll always be there for her. Morticia also finds out Wednesday has been having psychic visions and explains to the girl one of her ancestors will teach her how to control her powers. We also learn there are two types of psychic people. Morticia is a Dove since her optimistic look at life leads to happy visions. However, Wednesday is a Raven, as her pessimism gives her visions of death and destruction. It will be interesting to see how Wednesday develops into a Raven, but Episode 5 also has more important reveals unrelated to the Addams Family.

Nevermore Is More Than Wednesday

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On the night of the Rave’N, Eugene (Moosa Mostafa) gets attacked by the monster in the woods, and we are unsure if he survives. Episode 5 gives us a clear answer, as it shows Eugene is in the hospital, in a deep coma. Wednesday feels guilty about Eugene's state, so she asks Thing to keep an eye on the boy while she deals with her family.

Speaking of families, we meet Enid’s pack and find out her mother is pressuring her to wolf out. The woman goes as far as suggesting Enid goes to a conversion camp so she can become the person her family wants her to be. At the end of Episode 5, Enid gathers the courage to confront her mother and says she will wolf out at her own pace. If her mother doesn’t accept her for what she is, that’s not Enid’s problem.

Bianca also has troubles with her mother, a siren who uses her powers to gather followers for a cult named Morning Song. Apparently, Bianca’s mother’s powers are fading with age, and now she wants the girl to take her place. Bianca refuses to help her mother and the cult leader, Gideon, scam other people. However, Bianca’s mother blackmailed the girl by threatening to tell everyone she used her siren song to get into Nevermore. Bianca accepts to help her mother, but under the condition, they wait for the end of the school year.

Finally, by looking at an old Nevermore yearbook, Wednesday finds out Weems is a shapeshifter. That means the headmaster of Nevermore pretended to be Rowan (Calum Ross) to hide the boy’s demise. When confronted by Wednesday, Weems says she only did that to protect the school and Rowan’s reputation. But as Wednesday perfectly underlines, Weems' scheme delayed the hunt for the monster, ultimately leading to Eugene being attacked. Wednesday and Weems seem ready to jump at each other’s necks, but something more pressing catches their attention. Someone used fire to write a message in Nevermore’s gardens: "Fire will rain." The prophecy that places Wednesday in the middle of Nevermore while the school burns are just around the corner, and as Wednesday gets closer to its finale, all the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place. Now that we've solved the mystery of the Addams' past, Wednesday can focus entirely on the monster’s identity.