Six Horror Movies We Can’t Wait to See at Panic Fest 2022!

by Susan Ryant

The tenth edition of Panic Fest kicks off today both in Kansas City, MO, and virtually, and it brings the largest selection of feature and short films ever to play the fest.

In addition to programming horror premieres, fest favorites, special guests, and screenings, Panic Fest has ensured the fest experience extends to all attendees, whether in-person or in their virtual space. Their online Gather space recreates the fest’s theater, Screenland Armor, and offers virtual attendees a place to socialize and explore hidden rooms.

As for what to watch, we can’t wait to check out these titles:

The Innocents

Director: Eskil Vogt

During the bright Nordic summer, a group of children reveals their dark and mysterious powers when the adults aren’t looking. In this original and gripping supernatural thriller, playtime takes a dangerous turn.

Note: This selection screens in-person only.


Director: Young Min Kim

In his feature debut film, Young Min Kim delivers a chilling psychological thriller that explores the vital topic of mental health. The past is never left in the past. When Haejin Park, a trauma therapist, travels back to her hometown to comfort her younger sister Soojin, all the memories she tried so hard to forget come hauntingly rushing back.

The Outwaters

Director: Robbie Banfitch

Four travelers encounter menacing phenomena while camping in a remote stretch of the Mojave Desert.


Director: Christian Schultz

Two young business partners, Jennifer and Samantha, are invited to a week-long yachting voyage with David, a potential investor. Jennifer’s dreams begin to bleed into reality at night as the others realize that Jennifer may have unknowingly brought something onto the vessel.

When the Screaming Starts

Director: Conor Boru

When Norman Graysmith is invited into the home of an aspiring serial killer, Aidan Mendle, he believes he has the subject for the documentary that will make his career.

Woodland Grey

Director: Adam Reider

When a man living alone in the woods saves the life of a young woman, they are forced to coexist. Chaos ensues when the woman makes a terrifying discovery in the woods behind the man’s home and unleashes something truly haunting.