‘The Deep House’: ‘Inside’ Filmmakers Head to an Underwater Haunted House in November [Trailer]

by Susan Ryant

After being released in theaters and on HBO Max last month, we’ve learned today that James Wan‘s Malignant will next be released via traditional Digital outlets on October 22nd.

Shortly thereafter, Gabriel comes to DVD and Blu-ray on November 30.

Malignant, as of this past weekend, is currently no longer on HBO Max. So if you haven’t yet gotten around to checking it out, you’ll now have to wait until October 22nd.

Meagan wrote in her review for BD, “Wan’s latest is a means of satisfying an itch to tackle his brand of a Giallo, to act like a bloody valentine to the formative horrors of his youth.

“It’s silly, it’s outrageous, and it’s a blast- an imperfect but wildly entertaining throwback to a bygone era of horror.”

In the film, “Paralyzed by shocking visions of grisly murders, Madison’s (Annabelle Wallis) torment worsens as she discovers that her waking dreams are in fact terrifying realities.”

The cast includes Annabelle WallisMaddie HassonMckenna Grace, Jake AbelGeorge YoungIngrid BisuMichole Briana White and Jacqueline McKenzie.