The Rendlesham Forest UFOs – UFO Incidents

by Natalie Kiser

A new episode of our Paranormal Network video series  UFO Incidents has just been released, and it can be seen in the embed above! In this one, we’re looking into the most infamous UFO sighting in British history, an event that has been referred to as the United Kingdom’s answer to Roswell: the Rendlesham Forest incident. Decorated members of the Air Force swear they saw a UFO at the forest, but the event has still fallen under scrutiny and skepticism and remains shrouded in mystery. You can find out more about it by watching the video.

With the  UFO Incidents  series,

The Paranormal Network invites you to accompany us on a new journey, where we’ll take you inside some of the most compelling and mysterious close encounters ever recorded. We’ll examine the evidence, we’ll listen to the witnesses, we’ll consider every possibility. Join us as we investigate history’s most infamous… UFO INCIDENTS.

UFO Incidents is Written by Eric Walkuski, Narrated by Shawn Knippelberg, Edited by Juan Jimenez, Produced by Jason Hewlett, and Executive Produced by Berge Garabedian.

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