The Sussexes released their holiday card, with our first look at baby Lilibet Diana

by Susan Ryant

sussex christmas card 2021

I really didn’t think that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would do a holiday card this year. I was wrong! Last year, they did a Christmas card through one of Meghan’s patronages, Mayhew, and it was just a piece of digital art as opposed to a family portrait or photo. This year, they wanted to show off their family AND highlight some charities. So here is their Christmas card photo, and our first-ever glimpse of baby Lilibet Diana. Lili looks like a very happy, smiley baby who also might have red (or reddish) hair. LOOK AT ARCHIE!! Look at his full head of carrot!!! I love this family so much. Now, does this look like a denim ad? Yes, but I love it. I particularly love Meghan’s sweater!!

The Sussexes are highlighting some different charities this year, not just their patronages from a few years ago. Team Rubicon is disaster-relief, Paid Leave for All is the paid-family leave organization Meghan has been working with this year, etc. It’s a great boost to all of these charities and organizations to be included on the Sussexes’ Christmas list.

sussex christmas

2021 Christmas card courtesy of Archewell.