There is an ‘increasing sense of anger & frustration’ around Prince Harry’s memoir

by Susan Ryant

Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex (C) and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (L) stand with Canada's High Commissioner for Canada in the United Kingdom, Janice Charette, as they leave after their visit to Canada House in thanks for the warm Canadian hospitalit

Again, there is absolutely a sense of desperation in the British tabloids as they’re trying to reach for any and all Sussex news this week. Mostly, they’re desperate to talk about the Sussexes because of Prince Andrew’s increasingly perilous legal situation. But I also think the Duchess of Cambridge’s Keen Birthday Buttons extravaganza has blown up in her face. Thus, we’re getting sketchy, selective stories about the Mail’s settlement with the Duchess of Sussex. And wouldn’t you know, this was dropped into one of the Mail’s stories about Kate and how keen and special she is:

Prince Harry’s memoir is reportedly an additional source of stress for the family.

Royal sources told the Mail that inside Buckingham Palace and the other royal households, there was an increasing sense of anger and frustration – not just because he had chosen to write such a book, but also over the ‘clearly deliberate’ timing of its publication this autumn.

It could be ‘the last straw’ for Harry and his family, with relations already at breaking point, insiders said. Having already been writing for a year, the prince is set to turn in a manuscript, which he promised will be a ‘first-hand account of my life that’s accurate and wholly truthful’, by the end of this year. It is set to hit the shelves in 2022.

[From The Daily Mail]

While I’ve never published a book, from my limited understanding, it’s not like Harry dictated a timeline to his publisher. The book is being written at a certain pace, then it will be edited at a certain pace, and here we are. I’m pretty sure that the timing won’t exactly interfere with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee anyway – if the book comes out this fall, that will be months after all of the jubilee crap. It sounds more like the courtiers are “angry and frustrated” that they can’t use Harry’s book as an excuse to disinvite the Sussexes from the jubilee celebrations. Which, let’s be honest, we’re not even sure that Harry and Meghan *want* to come. There has been zero reporting about Harry and Meghan eagerly RSVPing. The courtiers would LOVE to make that the story: the Sussexes are desperate to come but WE TOLD THEM NO!

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