This Controversial Bag Just Made A Big Comeback With An Upgraded Spin

by Natalie Kiser

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If you regularly carry a purse, then you know that it’s almost always marginally inconvenient. You have to finagle it into cars and under tables, keep track of it throughout the day, and all that extra weight on your shoulders takes a toll. 

But for many of us—particularly those who wear women’s clothing—using our pockets instead of a purse isn’t a viable option. Enter the fanny pack, the convenient, hands-free, harshly judged hip tote of the 1980s. 

Before visions of neon colors and nylon fabric overwhelm your senses, hear me out. This isn’t just a fanny pack comeback; this is an ultra-chic transformation.

Goodbye Fanny Pack, Hello Belt Bag

Wilsons leather belt bag in dark brown (Wilsons Leather)
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There’s something inherently unflattering about referring to one’s rear as a fanny. So, when Wilsons Leather revived this iconic bag, it gave the name a makeover, too. “Belt bag” is not only more descriptive, but it’s also considerably higher fashion. 

Wilsons’ belt bags are made with high-quality, genuine leather. From classic black to eye-catching tan, your belt bag will look just as couture as your regular go-to purse. Except with your belt bag, you won’t be shuffling your tote from one shoulder to another all day.

Each belt bag is large enough to hold the bare essentials: phone, wallet, keys, and other small items. While leaving the house without your Mary Poppins bag of what-if essentials might seem scary at first, you’ll be surprised how much you love the freedom of not being weighed down all day.

Wilsons leather front zip belt bag in tan (Wilsons Leather)
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It Seamlessly Blends Into Your Wardrobe

Unlike the gaudy, vibrant fanny packs you wore when you were younger, these belt bags are chic enough to fit into your wardrobe seamlessly. They look equally great with jeans or strapped over a sundress. And these versatile bags also add a touch of glamour to your favorite athleisure look. 

The adjustable belt provides all-day comfort, whether you wear it cinched around your natural waist with a dress or slung on your hips with leggings. The belt is even comfortable enough to wear with a bathing suit on the beach or poolside. Whether you want to keep it classy or casual, this bag can complete the look.

Wilsons Leather adjustable waist belt bag in black (Wilsons Leather)
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We suffer through a lot in the name of fashion. Our clothes and undergarments dig into our skin, our shoes make our feet throb, and heavy bags make our back and shoulders ache. A hands-free tote like Wilsons’ belt bag takes one less uncomfortable thing off your plate. 

Wilsons leather seamed leather belt bag (Wilsons Leather)
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And hey, if rocking these chic belt bags makes you want to revisit your L.A. Gear fanny pack circa 1986, there’s nothing wrong with that, either. But be warned: Once you go purse-free, you’ll never want to go back.

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