This Zodiac Sign Will Carry A Grudge For Life

by Natalie Kiser

Forgive and forget? Not for this sign.

M. Davis-McAfee

May 12, 2022 | 6:15 p.m. CDT

Woman holding grudge (Moremar/

Even from lightyears away, the stars can peer into the deepest parts of ourselves. They can easily see the things we try our best to hide. In fact, the stars can even see the things we might not even consciously recognize. 

Our secrets, desires, past hurts, and yes, even our opinions of others—the Zodiac sees it all in broad daylight. As for all of the resentment you silently harbor in your heart? Yep, the stars see that, too. 

While everyone in the Zodiac has the potential to hold a grudge, some are definitely quicker to do so than others.

The Most Controlling Modality

Cardinal modality signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Grudges are, in essence, an inability to let go of a lack of control. Someone who was unexpectedly hurt or betrayed might hold a grudge because it gives them a false sense of authority over their pain. In actuality, they’re even less in control than when they were first hurt. 

No modality in the Zodiac does this as vehemently as cardinal signs. Cardinal signs usher in the four seasons. As the celestial vanguards, these modalities prefer to have as much control over their external environment as possible. 

Cardinal signs are big on tradition and familiarity. Despite being the turning point of each new season, these forward-thinking modalities aren’t big fans of change. They like to stick with what they know because, in their mind, they’re less likely to get hurt that way.

The Most Sensitive Element

Water ruled signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Similarly, our ruling elements can dictate how well we let go of past conflict and pain. Though some might assume that aggressive Fire signs or stubborn Earth signs are the likeliest grudge holders, this isn’t true. The element most likely to keep a grudge is also the most sensitive: water. 

Like their ruling element, water signs are in constant states of flux. One minute, they can be placid and serene. The next, they’re frigid and icy or boiling with rage. These signs are deeply sensitive, intuitive, and empathetic. They experience all of their emotions tenfold. 

Consequently, it takes these moody signs a long time to let go of what doesn’t serve them. Sometimes they cling to their pain because it’s familiar. Other times, they’ve been hurt so tremendously that they’re not sure how to move forward.

The Most Resentful Ruling Body

Full moon, Cancer's ruling body (estherpoon/

The planets and dwarf planets in our solar system influence specific aspects of our lives, from communication to expansion to creativity. But the one most likely to affect our emotional states isn’t a planet at all; it’s the Moon. 

The Moon governs our deepest, darkest shadow selves. It dictates how we perceive and express emotions. While the Sun focuses on the external ego, the Moon sticks with the internal. This celestial body constantly shifts from one phase to the next, which explains why our emotions can sometimes feel so volatile, confusing, or chaotic.

This House Can’t Get Out Of The Past

4th House of Family and Past, ruled by Cancer

Finally, ruling houses play a big part in someone’s ability to forgive and forget. The 4th House of Family and Past is fairly straightforward. It governs our past experiences—the good, bad, and ugly. Indeed, the 4th House is the closet into which we shove all of our most embarrassing skeletons. 

Consider it a Rolodex for past wins, failures, connections, and heartaches. If an individual has a significant attachment to the 4th House, then they are likely very sensitive and have a hard time getting over conflict.

Whether It’s Five Weeks Or Five Years, This Sign Will Remember

Cancer, most likely sign to hold a grudge (Jackie Niam/

When it comes to the Zodiac sign most likely to hold a grudge, it really was written in the stars. From their modality to ruling element and planet to house assignment, there’s only one sign that was practically programmed to never forget anything—like, ever. 

Cancer is a cardinal water sign. Its ruling body is the Moon, and it governs the 4th House of Family and Past. As such, these sensitive signs rarely forgive (and never forget). A Cancer will remember an argument from decades ago if it affected them deeply enough. Most of the time, it does. 

Cancers can get disillusioned by their grudges if they’re not careful. Keeping pragmatic loved ones nearby, like Virgo and Capricorn, can help Cancer recenter their perspective on reality. Just because they were hurt once doesn’t mean someone is bound to do it again. 

But really, Cancer probably won’t even give them a chance to try (not a real one, anyway).

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