Watch Deadguy reunite for their first show in almost 25 years

by Ricardo Johnson

Deadguy played at Decibel magazine’s Metal Beer Fest in Philadelphia this past weekend, marking their first show together in 24 years.

The New Jersey metalcore group were added to the festival’s line-up earlier this year when it was rescheduled from 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On Saturday (September 25), Deadguy’s original line-up – comprising of vocalist Tim Singer, guitarist Chris Corvino, guitarist Keith Huckins, bassist Tim Naumann, and drummer Dave Rosenberg – took to the stage at The Fillmore, 24 years after they broke up in 1997.

The festival performance – which saw them share a bill with Municipal Waste and headliners Napalm Death – comes after the band discussed plans to reunite back in April 2020, the idea for which was sparked after they came together to film a new Deadguy documentary, Killing Music , which premiered last Friday (September 24).

Check out footage of the band’s performance at Decibel‘s Metal Beer Fest below:

Speaking about Killing Music and how the band came back together for the documentary, Rosenberg told Decibel : “Deadguy never broke up, we just lost interest. In mid-2019, I met a guy named Bill Saunders, who is a producer/editor for a lot of cable shows and a big Deadguy fan. Somehow he remembered that we were coming up on the 25th anniversary of ‘Fixation [On A Co-Worker]’. He suggested a documentary might be interesting and we started doing interviews in the fall of 2019 where it was basically me trying to wrangle the other guys.

“It took me a few weeks to convince [Chris] ‘Crispy’ [Corvino] but fortunately Tim Singer was on board immediately so that made it much easier to find Keith [Huckins] – he lives in waaay upstate New York – and Crispy knew where to find Tim Naumann – teaching high school in New Jersey – and we had our first sit-down in 20+ years just a few months ago. In the meantime, we’ve been compiling photos, footage and interviews, which has been entertaining.”

Deadguy will play the Los Angeles iteration of Decibel‘s Metal Beer Fest in December.